Shoppers are obsessed with this incredible Amazon product that makes cleaning SO easy

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Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this genius cleaning gadget that cuts housework time in half.

The efficient Homitt Electric Mini Spin Scrubber makes getting your home spick and span a total breeze and it's received tonnes of glimmering reviews so far. 

The handheld, electric scrubber is ideal for quick tidy ups, boasting a long lasting battery life and high rotational top which offers a faster alternative to cleaning up tough grease and breaking down unwanted stains in a matter of seconds.

Homitt Electric Mini Spin Scrubber

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Homitt Electric Scrubber, Mini Spin Scrubber Amazon

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The electric scrubber comes with three interchangeable brush heads providing a robust spin system that helps clean dirty spots—blasting through soap buildups, limescale and tile grout—saving shoppers a lot of time for daily cleaning.

All three brush heads come with detachable ends making it easier to wash and reuse after every clean. Hommit assures its customers that the cordless scrubber is easy to use and 'won't tire out your arms'.

The light-weight spin scrubber is a convenient home addition and can be stored on a hook, so there's no need to clear out large spaces or worry about where to pop the power spin scrubber when its finished transforming the grubby parts of your home. 

An improved product modernising traditional cleaning - shoppers can brush away all filth with no manual hassle! Homitt's designs can be used to clean the nooks and crannies of the bathroom and kitchen, including the bath and shower, the sink, messy countertops, between tiles and in plenty of other hard to reach places. It can even be used for working stains out of carpets and floors.

Homitt Electric Scrubber, Mini Spin Scrubber Amazon

Credit: Amazon

The product description reads, 'In order to improve the cleaning effect, it is recommended to use with detergent. For stubborn stains, it is recommended to soak before cleaning.'

Plenty of satisfied shoppers have shared their thoughts in the review section of Amazon, with one customer penning, 'I have limited mobility and constant pain, cleaning the bathroom is a mammoth task. This takes a lot of the work away. The 3 heads are all useful, you can clean everything using them, and they just snap on and off so it’s easy to swap back and forth. The shower glass, tiles and taps were all left much cleaner than I manage by hand and I didn’t need much of the all purpose cleaner I used.'

While another added, 'I used it on my shower screen - super quick and all water marks gone. You do need two hands to support it though. I got an extra set of brushes to keep bathroom separate and also the sponges that do my kitchen cabinets and leather sofa - definitely recommend!'

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