Anxious insomniacs are raving over this £5 relaxing sleep spray

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Are you struggling to sleep? You need to know about the bargain sleep spray that insomniacs are loving.

If the third Covid-19 lockdown has left you laying awake at night or the stress of homeschooling is meaning you're uptight and wired by bedtime, and is subsequently having a knock-on effect on your deep sleep, you should join the hundreds of others using Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray to help them nod off.

The calming pillow spritz contains an infusion of lavender and chamomile oils to help ease the anxiety in your mind and soothe your soul, helping you to drift away to the land of nod.

Simply give your pillow and bedding a good spray and sink into a blissful blend of calming scents.

The affordable bottle of bedtime niceness is available at Boots for just £7, but you can nab it for just a fiver right now with the discount code REBOOT.

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray

View at Boots - (£5 | SAVE £2)

Feather & Down Pillow Spray

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It's received heaps of five star reviews online, with some shoppers comparing it to the best-selling This Works Pillow Spray, which retails for almost three times the price as the Feather & Down version.

'This is the best sleep spray I have tried and always helps me be less anxious,' one impressed user penned in the review section.

'Bought this more than once when struggling to get to sleep or staying asleep. Would recommend. Smell is not overpowering. Would spray on a pillow and wait for it to dry for about 5 minutes and fell asleep very quickly. Did not wake up during the night when using this,' agreed another.

'I have been using this spray and haven't slept better over the last few months. I have previously suffered from insomnia and found that this spray works so much better in helping me drift off than any tablets or sleep sprays/lotions,' praised another satisfied shopper.

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