This crazily simple candle life hack will mean you never burn yourself lighting a wick again

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A genius candle hack has gone viral on Instagram, proving that wax lovers never need to burn themselves while lighting up their wicks again.

Whether you're a scented candle fanatic or just partial to making a room cosier with the glow of a real flame, you'll be familiar with the struggle of trying to light a multiple wick candle.

With double or triple wickers, lighting up the first one is easy - but go for the others with one already lit and you'll often get an unpleasant burn on the fingers, especially if the wax is nearing its end and right at the bottom of the candle jar.

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Now genius but very simple candle lighting trick (that seems like it should've been glaringly obvious to us) is impressing social media users.

The video, that has over a million Instagram likes, shows a tripled wicked candle being lit quickly and easily, simply by lighting one wick and tipping the flame so that it lights the others without even touching them.

No more burnt fingers!

Loads of commenters shared their joy over discovering the smart life hack.

'How did I not know this 🙈,' wrote one.

'My life is a failure how did not know about this,' added another.

'Stooooooppp it 😵😵😵,' a third shocked follower wrote, while one more joked, 'you mean I don’t have to burn my fingers when lighting candles???'

This isn't the first candle related trick to take the internet by storm. Avid candle fans were pleased to discover a solution to dreaded wax tunnelling.

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Tunnelling is when a candle burns down into the middle creating a tunnel, rather than burning through the wax evenly.

To stop it from happening you need to burn your candle so that all of the top layer wax is melted the first time you light it - don't blow it out before you get there or an irritating tunnel will form!

If it's too late, all you need is some tin foil to solve the situation. Simply fold foil around the edges of the tunnelled wax and the heat will help it melt down to the same level, saving your candle from a tunnel-y fate. Hurray.

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