Cheap candles: Where to get the BEST bargains

Fans of spendy candles, rejoice!

Cheap candle collection from Lidl

Despite what some brands want us to believe, there's not all that much difference between expensive and cheap candles - apart from the price tag. 

In many cases, they smell and look the same, create the same ambient lighting and come in similar packaging. So if you're looking to find a perfect scented candle that fits within your 'weekend treat' budget, then you've come to the right place.

Cheap candles are everywhere in the UK these days after supermarkets, who picked up on the cheap perfumes trend years ago, realised they needed to start stocking cheap alternatives to classic homewares. Now, they stock some of the best ones out there - including brand favourites, like cheap Yankee candles.

If you don't fancy learning how to make candles yourself, here's where to shop for one this week...

Where to buy the best cheap candles

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Aldi, B&M, Lidl and Home Bargains are just some of the places to pick up cheap scented candles (and non-scented alternatives) but online retailers are also stocking the goods more than ever.

Cheap candles at Aldi

Aldi is the go-to when it comes to cheap candles, and now they have dupes of one of our favourites - Yankee candle.

yankee candle dupe

Credit: Aldi / Yankee Candle

The glass jar candles are inspired by seasonal scents and the smells of fresh baking. They come in four different options: Starlight, Cinnamon Sparkle, Summer Sands, Twilight, Orange Spice.

"Your home deserves a touch of sophistication, and our popular fragranced candles and reed diffusers are the ideal way to add a welcoming aroma and elegant touch." Aldi says, "As they’re available in your local Aldi all year round, you don’t need to save them for a special occasion either!"

The candles range from £2.99 to £3.29, depending on size. Compared to the price tag on original Yankee Candles, these are certainly a winner!

Fans of Jo Malone candles will also love Aldi's Hotel Collection. Coming in either see-through or opaque glass jars, they're packaged similarly to the designer candles and have inspired scents.

They were first launched in March 2017 as a special buy for Mother's Day, but proved so popular that the brand have decided to make them a permanent addition to their homeware offering.

They come in Pomegranate, Lime & Basil, Blackberry & Bay, Oud & Bergamont, Honey & Nectarine, Honey, Plum & Tonka Bean and Velvety Rose.

Lime, Basil and Mandarin candle from Aldi

Credit: Aldi

The jars looking just as good on our living room shelves as the Jo Malone ones, with the Aldi candle featuring the same silver lid, contemporary glass holder and simple black fonts on the label as the designer option. Seems like an easy choice between the two!

For a cheap candle option that's a little more unique, Aldi also have the Scentcerity collection. Packaged in sweet primary coloured wrapping, golden lettering and curly fonts, they're the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom.

These ones are scented around a feeling, as well as a particular smell. There's Chill, Pixie Magic, Parma Violet and Fresh Jasmine.

Cheap Aldi candles

Credit: Aldi

All the candles by Aldi are available to pick up in stores around the UK.

Cheap candles at Wilko

Wilko also stock some of the best cheap candles and even better, you can buy them online! Wilko Premium candles are classic dupes of The White Company and Jo Malone, with scents including Pink Pepper & Black Rose, Fresh Basil & Garden Mint, Wild Rhubarb & Pink Grapefruit.

Cheap candles from Wilko

Credit: Wilko

Available for between £4 to £5 and complete with similar packaging to the more expensive versions, they're a must have!

Wilko also stock their own brands of tin candles, for a more unique feel. These ones come in vibrant scents, ideal for welcoming in the warmer weather. There's the Green Fig & Orange Blossom tin candle, along with Mandarin & Ginger.

Cheap candles at B&M

Much like Aldi, B&M also have a whole range of sweet-smelling Jo Malone Dupes. Ranging from £2 to £3.99, they're significantly cheaper than the designer brand's versions. Available in similar scents to Aldi, these B&M cheap candles come in scents including: Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Peony Blush, Pomegranate, Silver Cedar, Sweet Almond & Macaroon.

They're also stocked in either 2- or 3-wick sizes, so however many hours you like to burn your candles for, you're sure to be covered.

Cheap B&M dupes of Jo Malone candles

Credit: B&M

But this year, B&M have also jumped on the latest and greatest of homeware trends in their cheap scented candles collection.

Their Spa candles come in three different scents, all stored in a minimalist opaque glass jar. They include: Escape (Mandarin, Lemon & Pink Grapefruit), Unwind (Ylang Ylang, Rose & Patchouli) and Restore (Sandalwood, Cedar & Cardamom). Available in large or small sizes and priced at either £2 or £4, these glass jar candles are the perfect addition to any home and have three distinct scents to suit any mood.

Cheap scented B&M candles

Credit: B&M

They've also got candles, which don't have a scented, stored in popular 'face' style jars. These ones come in either black or terracotta designs and act as a calming light rather than a burst of scents. These ones are just £5, significantly cheaper than similar sculpted candle holders seen at places like Zara, H&M and ASOS.

B&M face candles

Credit: B&M

For something a little brighter, B&M have also jumped on the tropical trend - perfect for summer! Their latest range of cheap candles don't have a scent either but their stunning ceramic casings are reason enough to buy. Available in either blue, orange or pink colours, they're the burst of sunshine that any home could do with after the cold weather.

They're only £3 as well! It's a major steal compared to similar styles at other big-name brands, where one large candle could cost up to £30.

B&M orange cheap ceramic candle

Credit: B&M

Cheap candles at Lidl

cheap candles

Credit: Lidl / The White Company

Budget supermarket Lidl is following suit of other bargain stores with their Luxury Collection candles.

And for only £3.99 each, you can have a bit of luxury in each room of the house.

cheap candles

Credit: Lidl

You can get the scented flames in three different scents: calming Lavender, warming Pomegranate or tropical Citrus & Herb.

The collection also includes reed diffusers and room sprays and has been available since 2019 in stores all around the country.

cheap candles

Credit: Lidl

There's no doubt that Lidl takes their inspiration from The White Company's candles, which while lovely, do come with a minimum price tag of around £20 per candle. So these ones from Lidl have naturally flown off the shelves since they came into stock!

Cheap candles at Home Bargains

Home Bargains have just released a new cheap candle collection! Their Wickford & Co candles have always been a huge success, mirroring the scents and packaging of more expensive brands but often for more than half the original cost.

A photo posted by on

The bargain store's latest venture are these Crackle Wick candles, which have been compared to Yankee candle. Although they're not yet available to buy online, we know that plenty of Home Bargains stores will have these lush candles in stock for incredible prices.

Fans have already shouted about them on social media, with one commenting, 'They are incredible, they do crackle and smell amazing all the way down to the end, I am hooked and will never buy any other candles but these.'

Another said, 'Coming from someone who would only buy Yankee candles these far exceed those at a fraction of the price never buy Yankee anymore.'

Cheap candles at Primark

Primark have also jumped on the cheap candle train! Their new arrivals for 2021 are all about new interiors trends, as well as the classics.

Their budget-friendly options include dupes of award-winning brands like Diptyque, who sell their standard candles for £49.

Credit: Primark / Diptyque

Admittedly the Primark candle's packaging is very different, but it might even be preferable to some people. The large Tobacco & Amber candle is £4 and burns for up to 50 hours, while the Diptyque does burn for 10 hours more but it is more than 10 times the price. Both have herby and woody notes and evoke a warming atmosphere for the colder months.

Primark also has plenty of other cheap candle options, as well as stocking unique glass holders for some of the best candles out there.

Have you tried any of these cheap candle brands? Let us know in the comments!

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