Amazing last-minute savings on luxury chocolate including Hotel Chocolat and Lindor

3pm snack times, Friday nights on the sofa and last-minute birthday presents, there's nothing that luxury chocolate isn't good for. And this year on Amazon Prime Day, you can pick up MASSIVE discounts on all different types of high-quality chocolates, including brands like Hotel Chocolat and Lindor. 

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Hotel Chocolat are famous for their decadent boxes of chocolates, complete with a variety of light and dark chocolates. While the higher price tag means that it's probably not a weekly occurrence, they're certainly the ones to go for if you've got a special occasion coming up and need a present or are really looking to treat yourself. Although, now there's more reason than ever before to pick up one of the 'Everything' boxes for instance, whether that be pocket size or standard.

Also included in the deals are big treats from Lindor, like the chocolate bouquet gift hamper - another fantastic present choice for a last-minute buy - and boutique chocolate brand, Melodi.

Amazon Prime Day UK luxury chocolate deals - at a glance:

Hotel Chocolat The Everything H-Box

VIEW ON AMAZON - £12.95 £8.99 (SAVE £3.96)

Undoubtedly one of Hotel Chocolat's most famous boxes. This one contains 14 different best-selling Hotel Chocolat recipes in a variety of milk, dark and white chocolate. While the individual flavour boxes cater for those who love something particularly fruity or boozy, this box contains a little bit of everything. Our favourite flavours include Carrot Cake, Billionaire's Shortbread, Cherry Deluxe and Champagne Truffle. And as always with this brand, cacao is the top ingredient to go into their chocolate - rather than sugar.

Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles Box, 600g

VIEW ON AMAZON - £12.99 £10 (SAVE £2.99)

For something a little more low-key, there's the standard Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocoate Truffles Box. Within this HUGE box you'll find a selection of assorted truffles, including smooth milk chocolate, white, extra dark and hazelnut chocolate balls. Inside each one, there's the classic Lindor smooth filling.

Hotel Chocolat Pocket Everything Selection Chocolate, 100 g

VIEW ON AMAZON - £8 £5.49 (SAVE £2.51)

For something a little smaller but no less luxurious, there's the pocket-sized Everything Selection Chocolate. It's the perfect little gift for any occasion and comes already tied with a ribbon. Included in the set is Strawberry Cheesecake, Billionaire's Shortbread, Simple Dark Truffle and Dizzy Praline.

Large Lindt Lindor Chocolate Bouquet Gift Hamper in Presentation Box

VIEW ON AMAZON - £36.95 £29.95 (SAVE £7)

Need something to really say something special? Your big gesture is now £7 off as the large Lindt Lindor chocolate bouquet comes in a presentation box, complete with roses and chocolates - now for under £30. There's no need for wrapping with this one either as these bouquets all arrive in luxury designer postal boxes which double up as gift boxes.

Melodi Chocolate Box Praline Luxury Selection 

VIEW ON AMAZON - £31.99 £21.55 (SAVE £10.44)

Stored in a luxury gift box, this is the perfect splash-out, treat-yourself present or gift for someone else. This box contains 36 pieces of praline chocolate in all kinds of different shapes and flavours, so there's sure to be something for everyone. Made with the finest chocolate ingredients out there, there's now an impressive £10 off this boutique luxury chocolate box.

So whatever your tastebuds are in tune for this week, you're sure to find chocolate to hit those cravings on Amazon Prime Day.

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