Opium perfume has a HUGE £31 off in today's Cyber Monday deals

Three bottles of Black OPium in varying sizes with red and black stars dancing behins them as part of Cyber Monday Perfume Deals

Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium perfume is one of the best-selling perfumes of all time. And digital favourite LookFantastic has slashed £21.20 off!

This is the number two selling fragrance in the UK, and was the most Googled scent of 2020. Not only is it ranked as one of the best perfumes of all time, (opens in new tab) it's now ready to save you money in the latest Cyber Monday perfume deals. Don't miss out.

Depending on the size you're after you can save a whopping £42 on the 150ml, £20 on the 90ml, £24 on the 50ml or £17 on the 30ml. The choice is yours - see links below. Over 100 people purchased the 50ml in the last hour alone. So, buy before they sell out.

The best YSL Black Opium perfume Cyber Monday deal

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YSL Black Opium, 90ml – £104 £72.80 (SAVE £31.20) (opens in new tab) | LOOKFANTASTIC With this epic saving, it will make a great gift from you to you. Or for someone special. The sensual fragrance is addictive and energising. Captivating floral twisted with an overdose of black coffee paired with soft musky vanilla. A classic scent.

30ml YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum - Save £17 on this perfect handbag-size bottle (opens in new tab) 50ml YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum - Pre-order your bargain now to save £24! (opens in new tab) 150ml YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum - HUGE saving of £42 back in stock soon - bookmark this page (opens in new tab)

Unveiled in 2014, this really is a fragrance which transcends generations. It was 44 years ago in 1977 Yves Saint Laurent introduced the original Opium. Going on to re-invent desire in a new, contemporary light, reshaped for the modern woman. A real boundary-pushing perfume.

Plus the bottle is decorated with black glitter, as if dressed in sequins - making it the perfect Christmas present!

Image of best selling Black Opium bottle on a dark red floral background for Cyber Monday deals

Credit: LookFantastic

Opening with a fruity freshness of orange blossom and a slight spiciness thanks to the pink pepper. While this fragrance slowly develops to a more sensual scent with the coffee note. And a slightly floral hint with the jasmine. This is what gives it its world-renowned feminine aura.

So, whether you're stocking up on your favourite scents and bagging those bargains as you go. Or want to try out a new fragrance for the first time, now's your chance.

This offer is also perfect for shoppers buying Cyber  Monday perfume deals for Christmas gifts. High street favourite Boots has a wide range of Christmas items in its price cuts.