Does IKEA have a Black Friday sale? UK deals on desks, lamps, cabinets, sofas, wardrobes, kitchens and more

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  • In 2020, there’s been the biggest shift to online shopping that we’ve ever seen and Black Friday this year is set to be one of the most popular shopping weekends. So what about the most famous furniture shop in the UK? Will IKEA have a Black Friday sale?

    IKEA has seen orders skyrocket this year thanks to people improving their homes during lockdown, but does IKEA have a Black Friday sale?

    The Swedish furniture and homeware store is a go-to for affordable furniture, homeware and furnishings.

    Whether you’re a lover of the meatballs or the flat-pack furniture, IKEA has a special place in the minds of many people around the country. They offer good quality furniture and homeware items – everything from bathroom towels to fully-built kitchens – for affordable prices, so anyone can get the home they love, whatever the budget. 

    So will IKEA have a Black Friday sale this year? We love their HUGE selection of throw pillows, blankets, duvet covers and indoor plants, perfect for turning your home into a cosy coven this winter. We find all the deals you need to know about from IKEA this year…

    IKEA sale deals 2020 – quick links to shop now

    Shop some of the best IKEA deals available now below…

    Ikea KULINARISK Oven – £599 £499 (SAVE £100)
    The KULINARISK oven with steam function in stainless steel has had £100 knocked off (down from £599 to £499) – if this doesn’t appeal there are many more discounted ovens and microwave combis.

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    IKEA Kitchen island in black/oak – £350 £299 (SAVE £51)
    With a solid beech frame and solid oak, butchers block style countertop this kitchen island is both versatile and stylish. Tuck away items and create extra storage space for your kitchen on one side and make a new sitting and dining space on the other side of the kitchen island to open up the possibilities of your kitchen space.

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    Ikea LANDSKRONA Sofa – £425 £379 (SAVE £46)
    You can now buy the 2 seater LANDSKRONA sofa in dark grey or light green for £379 – a saving of £46. If you’re partial to velvet, this sofa also comes in grey or yellow velvet, and has been reduced from £595 to £525 – an even bigger saving of £70.

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    Ikea FABRIKÖR Glass Door Cabinet – £150 £129 (SAVE £21)
    Also available in pale yellow, this 5-star rated cabinet has glass doors so you can display your books, trinkets or fancy crockery. It’s also versatile, and would look equally good in the lounge or kitchen.

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    Ikea LANDSKRONA armchair – £300 £279 (SAVE £21)
    Get comfy for winter with the armchair version of the LANDSKRONA, in either this wonderful sage green colour, in grey or velvet yellow. It’s the perfect addition to any style of home – from traditional to modern.

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    Ikea VARDAGEN pot with lid – £22  £17 (SAVE £5)
    Cooking up a storm this Christmas? The VARDAGEN pot with lid will certainly help you do it and in style as the sleek blue finish is totally unique to IKEA this season. Now on sale with £5 off.

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    Ikea FORSÅ Work Lamp – £15 £12 (SAVE £3)
    If you need a desk, you probably need a lamp to go on it. This 5-star rated lamp has an adjustable arm and head makes it an ideal reading light, allowing you to continue to work or study into the night.

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    If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets and other low price kitchens at Ikea, we love the the METOD and MAXIMERA ranges are now significantly cheaper than before, as are some stainless steel sinks, such as the VATTUDALEN sink with draining board – down from £110 to £99 – a saving of £11.

    Does IKEA have a Black Friday sale in the UK?

    Ikea stores in the UK  and online don’t officially take part in Black Friday or run a ‘Black Friday sale’, however, as you can see from offer the bargains above, there are still plenty of savings to be had in IKEA during this major shopping weekend. If you’ve heard otherwise, that might be because IKEA in the US, where the origin of Black Friday comes from, does offer some amazing Black Friday-specific discounts on everything from kitchens to beds, sofas, tables and chairs. But we have some good news in all this, the retailer offers some reductions prior to November anyway, and started to do so from August in 2020 with their summer sale.

    So don’t feel too down, as there’s still plenty of money to be saved on your next IKEA haul. Whether it’s a shop for university or a renovation of the garage for the holidays, IKEA has you covered even though they don’t offer any Black Friday offers.

    Ikea furniture in store

    Plus, there are plenty of other stores taking part in Black Friday this year. We’ve already heard about the amazing deals set to feature in the Tesco Black Friday sale and ASDA Black Friday deals and how major sports equipment, like bikes and turbo trainers, will be reduced in the Wiggle Black Friday sale. 

    Does IKEA do Cyber Monday sales in the UK?

    As the retailer doesn’t offer any particular deals for Black Friday either in-store or online, we’re pretty convinced that they’ll be staying away from Cyber Monday too. So there’s no point in getting into the Black Friday vs Cyber Monday debate where IKEA is concerned, as they won’t be opting in to offer any deals on either of the days.

    But don’t worry! As we’ve said, IKEA offer some amazing deals all year round and in the lead up to the winter months, we’ve already seen the furniture store make reductions on everything from garden decorations to beds and wardrobes, so there’s no doubt you’ll be able to score some bargains online or in-store during your next IKEA shopping trip.