Lidl is selling a cordless Gtech vacuum for a BARGAIN price

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Lidl has launched a Gtech Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner for a total bargain price.

The discounted Gtech vacuum is currently available in selected Lidl stores, and is currently on offer for £150, meaning you save £49 from the usual retail price. What a bargain!

The Gtech, which has been likened to a Dyson, promises to transform any cleaning routine. As the winner of awards, it glides effortlessly from carpets to hard floors with no settings or plug sockets to change.

Ideal for quick tidy ups and regular deep cleans, it weighs just 3.2kg when fully assembled. Customers have been impressed with the ultra-low-profile handle that leans back, making it easier to reach underneath furniture and the full width LED light along the front, which leaves no dirt or dust in hard to reach spots.

Gtech Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner available at Lidl

Gtech cordless upright vacuum Lidl

Credit: Lidl

Which? product reviews say, "Gtech has updated and, it says, improved on its previous AirRam vacuum cleaner to create the AirRam AR20."

The Gtech's runtime of 30-60 minutes means it's suitable for a full home clean and there's no doubt it's great value for money.

There's a two-year warranty on Lidl's version - with a washable filter, which Lidl recommends you wash regularly to maintain suction, which helps the product last longer.

It's also super easy to empty as dirt, dust and debris can be emptied straight into your bin with a slide of the ejector's arm meaning no more dust clouds or messy accidents.

Unfortunately, Lidl's Gtech cleaner isn't available to pre-order or purchase online right now, instead, you can pick it up in-store, although these are sure to sell out at this new bargain price so make sure you pick up ASAP.

If you're not lucky enough to live nearby a Lidl store, there are some great deals on incredible vacuums on the web right now.

You can snap up the best-selling Shark Upright Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner at a fantastic price from Amazon right now. 

Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner

View at Amazon - (NOW £159 | WAS £249.99)

Shark Cordless Upright

Credit: Amazon

The Shark corded vacuum uses Lift-Away technology to easily clean stairs and soft furnishings and leave your home spick and span.

The Anti-Allergen Complete Seal  xaptures and traps 99.9% of dust and allergens so you won't be left sneezing and sniffing in a room full of settled pollen and pet fur.

There's an epic saving of £90 to be had now on this and plenty of other Shark vacuums - so don't miss out!

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