This affordable fragrance smells exactly like summer holidays – and now you can buy it in a diffuser

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Sometimes a whiff of sun cream is enough to instantly transport you to the memories of a sunsoaked getaway of the past.

And with the current state of the world leaving most of us more desperate for a week in the sun than ever before, it’s no surprise that people are obsessing over Nivea’s Sun fragrance.

The affordable beauty brand’s summery scent smells JUST like their classic sun screen and it’s been hailed a 2020 must have by influencers and beauty pros.

The unmistakable Nivea sunscreen fragrance was developed in 1994 by the perfumer Jean-Paul Pons and it’s pretty much the epitome of summer dreams.

SHOP NOW: Nivea Sun Eau de Toilette, £25, Amazon

Nivea Sun Eau De Toilette, £25, Amazon

It’s available in a Eau de Toilette so you can spritz yourself with the scent of summer whenever you’re in need of a feeling of sunny nostalgia. Or you can make shower time a holiday-esque occasion with the £1 Nivea Sun shower gel, featuring the same gorgeous fragrance and available to buy at Asda.

If that wasn’t enough, you can now transform your home into a sensational scent experience with the Nivea Sun diffuser.

SHOP NOW: Nivea Sun Room Fragrance Diffuser, £20, Amazon

Nivea Sun Reed Diffuser, £20, Amazon

The £20 room transforming product is available to buy from Amazon, but we bet it won’t stick around for long.

The Nivea Sun fragrance has received so much praised from shoppers since it launched earlier this year.

With stacks of five star reviews under its belt, it’s no surprise people are flocking to get their hands on anything associated with the smell that takes you straight to the beach.

Nivea Sun Shower Gel, £1, Asda

One perfume fan admitted she’s ditched her pricey, high end selection for Nivea’s affordable offering, writing, ‘The best perfume I have ever bought. I usually only wear Chanel but this has converted me. So fresh and light...nothing cheap or artificial. Subtle and classy. I love it.’

A second impressed reviewer wrote, ‘This smells AMAZING - like a summer holiday in a bottle, makes me so happy!

OMG! This is exactly the same as the sun cream! I smell like a holiday and I love it. It makes me smile when I wear it as it conjures up all kinds of happy holiday memories. Great for everyday wear,’ a third chipped in.

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