'Better than the real thing' Shoppers rave about Primark's cheaper version of the Minky cloth

Minky cloth

Primark are selling their own version of Minky cloths for a cheaper price, and shoppers are loving them.

If you’re a Hincher or just a cleaning addict, there’s a chance you’re very familiar with Minky cloths.

The popular M Cloth anti-bacterial cleaning pad (known as 'Minky cloth') is loved by many, but when you’re bulk buying cleaning products, it can get very expensive.

For example, a three pack of the cloths cost you £7.47, and one costs you £2.50. When you have to buy sprays, wipes, and other products too, any money saving tips is definitely appreciated.

If you are a fan of the M Cloth but would like a cheaper alternative, Primark has created their own version, as spotted by shopper Naomi Walker.

Taking to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, Naomi shared some photos of Primark’s alternative Minky cloth, which come in a pack of two for £2.

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Minky cloth

Credit: Naomi Walker

Captioning the photos, she wrote, ‘Primarks version of a minky, omg they are amazing in fact they are better than the real thing, 2 for 2 quid’.

The product is from Primark’s Home range, and is simply labelled as ‘2 Antibacterial Cleaning Sponges’. But they bear a striking resemblance to Minky, they’re even shaped the same.

Fans were delighted by the find, with Naomi’s post racking up over 300 reactions and 114 comments from group members.

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One wrote, ‘I’ll be heading to primark!!’

Another added, ‘Will need to get some when I get paid’.

A third tagged a friend and said, ‘We need to get some’.

Minky cloth

Credit: Naomi Walker

But Naomi definitely wasn’t the only person who loves Primark’s answer to the Minky cloth. Others were quick to sing its praises, even going as far as to say they found these ones better.

One comment said, ‘Love these two and they wash great’.

Another added, ‘I prefer them to Minky, they last so much longer’

And a third said, ‘I have these. They are brilliant. I find they last a lot longer and don’t lose their shape as fast’.

So if you need to clean on a budget, it might be worth getting your hands on Primark’s cloths, where you’ll get two cloths for less than the RRP of one Minky.

That’s hard to turn down!

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