Save up to 40% on adorable top selling Sylvanian Families toys at Amazon

Sylvanian Families Amazon

Christmas time is fast approaching and kids everywhere are busy penning their lists to Father Christmas.

And with the list of 2020's most sought after toys jam packed with heaps of must-have gifts, grabbing a Christmas shopping bargain is essential.

Luckily, Amazon have stepped forward with an amazing offering on top selling Sylvanian Families toys, so that little fans of the tiny animals can be delighted on Christmas Day for a discounted price.

The online shopping giant has slashed the prices of plenty of Sylvanian Families, with some even boasting price tags with 40% off!

Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit Family

Save 39% - View deal at Amazon

Amazon Sylvanian Families

Credit: Amazon

The Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit Family is an adorable essential for any Sylvanian fan. 

The four piece set of collectable figures includes a mother and father rabbit plus a pair of brother and sister rabbits, all dressed in super cute outfits that can be removed and swapped around with other animals in the Sylvanian Families world. 

It's priced at just £12 right now instead of £19.99, giving you 39% off.

The sweet toy set has already received loads of five star reviews from shoppers, with many reporting that their children adored the little bunnies.

'Sylvanian toys from Amazon just never disappoint! Always amazing and the quality last forever. They are lovely and well made,' one wrote.

'Present for my granddaughters, wonderful toys,' agreed another.

Sylvanian Families Campervan Vehicle Playset

Save 40% - View at Amazon

Amazon Sylvanian Families

Credit: Amazon

The Sylvanian Families animals in your kids collection can now go on adventures thanks to the Campervan Vehicle Playset! 

The van seats up to seven animals, with chairs that recline into beds - perfect for camping out under the imaginary stars.

The set comes complete with so many accessories, so the tiny characters can enjoy fun camping activities like cooking on the barbecue, cycling, fishing and exploring. There's even a toilet and shower on board.

It's priced at just £20.99 instead of £34.99 - a total bargain!

Sylvanian Families Grocery Market

Save 25% - View at Amazon

Amazon Sylvanian Families

Credit: Amazon

Your Sylvanian Families can now pop to the shops to get their groceries thanks to the Sylvanian Families Grocery Market set.

The sweet set is full of adorable details and complete with 35 pieces and plenty of produce to stock the toy shelves, including tiny eggs, fruit, veg, cereal, milk and more.

Of course, there's a cash register, shopping baskets, bags and stalls too.

It's priced at just £19.99 right now instead of £26.72 - but hurry and snap these deals up while they last!

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