Shoppers loving £3.50 oven cleaner that leaves oven sparkling without scrubbing

This might even convince us to get some chores done!
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  • When it comes to deep cleaning anything in the kitchen, we are checked out.

    Kettle descaling, microwave cleaning, degreasing the extractor fan – they’re the tasks that get pushed to the very bottom of the household chore lists so that we can all put them off as long as possible.

    And none are worse than cleaning the oven.

    Somehow no matter how often we give it a wipe (which let’s face it is not very often), there always seems to be sticky, grimy and residue making itself at home inside the essential appliance.

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    And if it’s been a while between cleans, no amount of vigorous scrubbing seems to make it budge.

    So shoppers were ecstatic when one woman revealed a ‘no scrubbing required’ £3.50 oven cleaner that left her appliance sparkling.

    Taking to Facebook’s Extreme Couponing and Bargains group, the woman revealed that she had used Mr Muscle’s Oven Cleaner to remove all of the grime from her oven.

    Mr.Muscle Oven Cleaner

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    Mr.Muscle Oven Cleaner

    Heavy duty oven cleaner that effectively removes burnt on grease, food and spills.

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    The social media user praised the product for doing the same job that she was being quoted £45 for by a professional oven cleaner, saving her over £40 on the cleaning job.

    Not a bargain as such,’ she wrote alongside a photo of dirty water that had been wiped away from her oven, ‘can’t believe the dirt of my oven 🙈

    ‘Does exactly what it says on the tin *NO scrubbing required* and considering I found quotes at £45 to get an oven cleaned, I think £3.50 on this bad boy was worth it 😏❤️’.

    And fellow Facebook users were loving the tip, thanking the poster for sharing her nifty find.

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    Thanks for this recommendation!’ wrote one. ‘I usually use oven pride which takes forever. This took no time at all and was cheaper 🙂. Oven looks new!’.

    Another explained, ‘I bought this last week and sprayed it all over my oven and left it overnight, when I cleaned it in the morning the grime lifted right off’.

    Yup this stuff is great,’ praised another, while others added, ‘I use this stuff it’s amazing xxx’, ‘I’ve used this and it does a great job’ and ‘I love it best cleaner since sliced bread’.

    Might be time to finally revisit the household chores list!