Tesco shoppers urged to check their bank accounts after payment error

A general view of a Tesco Metro store sign on August 05, 2019 in London, England. The supermarket chain has announced it to cut around 4,500 members of staff, mostly from the 153 'Metro' stores across the UK.
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Tesco shoppers have been urged to check their bank accounts after a payment error meant some were charged up to three times for their purchases last week.

Since the start of the pandemic, we've all been keeping a closer eye on our finances, and even a small change in our spending habits can make a massive difference.

Even when we're on top of our spending, it's possible not to notice an over charge when paying for your groceries.

Now, Tesco shoppers have been urged to check their accounts after a software glitch caused some customers to pay for their groceries up to three times this weekend.

According to consumer website MoneySavingExpert, some Tesco customers who paid with online banking services like Monzo were charged twice or even three times on Friday.


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Some shoppers recalled going to pay for their groceries with contactless payments only to be told that the transaction had been declined.

Those willing to wait around at the till attempted to pay again, which was successful, only to discover that they had been charged multiple times.

Some confused customers took to social media to warn others as one shopper said, '@Tesco I have been charged 3 times for a transaction on Saturday because I was told the card machine wasn't working, can't find how to contact anyone to fix this please can you help me get my money back?'

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Another baffled shopper added, '@Tesco had a contactless payment apparently fail on Saturday in store and paid by card in the machine, which worked. But I’ve just had an extra payment taken this morning! Not acceptable. How can I sort this?'

Tesco has since confirmed it would provide reimbursements automatically over the following few days for those who have been impacted.

According to a Tesco representative, "We had a temporary problem with a small number of contactless card payments in our stores on Saturday.

"We very quickly fixed the issue but we are sorry to any customer that was affected. Customers will only pay once and any duplicate authorisations in their accounts will be automatically reversed."

So check your card if you have paid a visit to your local Tesco over the past week and keep an eye out for your refund if you were wrongly charged.

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