Mum influencer Livsalone reveals how a wall climber CHANGED her life

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Author and instagram influencer, mum-of-one, Liv has just bought a wall climber for her toddler. And the 26,000 people following her have had SO many questions about it.

Livs Instagram following @livsalone is about her parenting trials, tribulations, wins and her toddler son, Herb's epic wardrobe choices. And also her story; of how she wanted a baby, was single, so went and got some donor sperm and had Herb.

Now, three years on and people are always asking her advice on books for toddlers, where she got Herb's latest camo jacket, and was her new wall climber REALLY worth it? Well,  find out...

The wall climber

"As a first time Mum there have been many, many questionable purchasing decisions. All made in order to try and find the mythical ‘easy life.’ A baby fart reliever definitely taking the 2.30am dubious Amazon basket crown.

However, like sifting for gold, eventually there was be a shiny beacon of brilliance amongst the ill-advised baby wipe warmers... yes, a wall climber. As top Christmas toys go, I reckon this could be top of the lot.

Well, my son is 3.5 and I finally found our holy grail of play. Granted, it is the most expensive piece of kit I have bought, by far. But just three weeks in and it has been worth its weight in sifted gold.

Image of a toddler hanging upside down from a wall climber

Credit: LivsAlone / Canva

It’s called a Swedish ladder. Which is essentially a wooden climber mounted to the wall. It has bars attached for swinging, a slide to climb and hoops to help climb down. Essentially a small playground on a tiny bit of wall at home.

While I would love to say I bought this purely for the twinkle in my son's eye, there is actually a little method in my possible madness.

Since he was a baby he has been fearful of heights. When I lifted him above my head - as seems so normal when they are tiny - he would instinctively put his arms up over his face.

Well, that fear has grown and many park trips have ended up with me wedged into a space specifically formed for toddlers trying to coax him down a seemingly innocuous slide.

Image of a toddler climbing up a wall climber at home

Credit: LivsAlone

Method to my madness

My hope is that if he can play, learn, fall and grapple in the safety of his own home, without the pressure of understandably impatient kids at the playground, we may just be on to a winner.

At first timid, the slide is already a couple of rungs higher up the ladder for a steeper incline. The initial ‘I can’t do it’ has turned into endless (and I mean endless!) ‘Mummy look at me’ epiphanies.

As I restlessly wait for the inevitable fall, I take a leaf out of the Germans play handbook. They have started to build their playground apparatus higher. This is to teach the children the joy of problem solving and the nuances of risk.

Well that is what I tell myself, when I see the woefully small crash mat I bought to try and cushion any missteps!

So as his gross motor skills are being exercised, hopefully his fear of gravity is becoming lessened. Plus I get time to drink a hot cuppa. I think that's called... Bingo!"

Wall Climber - Buy Liv's exact one

Wooden Swedish Ladder Workout Wall

Image of a wall climber agains a green background

Credit: Ebay

Age suitability: 3 years+ | Batteries required: no | Price: £191.80

A stylish, Skandi vibe, this wooden wall climber is sold as a Swedish Ladder Workout Wall and child's home gym. It boasts easy 'DIY' installation and hours of fun for your child.

VIEW AT EBAY | £191.80

Best Wall Climbers for kids

If this particular wall climber's not for you, we've found a few that might work below. Happy climbing!

Climbing triangle with ramp –  £79.08 | Etsy This triangle limber can be transformed into a Swedish Wall in different set options. It's suitable for kids aged from 6 months to 7 years. A unique and fun wooden playground inside your own home.
Pikler Toddler climbing frame -  £99 | Ebay In case you love the idea of climbing indoors but aren't yet committed to drilling into your walls. In this instance try this stand alone, fully foldable Pikler. Suitable from 6 months and made in the UK.
Climbing wall -  £79.86 | Etsy Hand-made wooden wall climber. Is broken down into a set of three section of climbing wall. Each has 5 coloured stones. Order before 6th December and can be delivered before Christmas!
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