'Barbaric!' Mum is accused of 'child abuse' after video of her daughter having her ears pierced goes viral

The video caused quite a stir on social media

A mum who was filmed having her daughter's ears pierced has been accused of 'child abuse', after the video went viral on Facebook.

The video, which appears to have been filmed in the US, was uploaded to the Facebook page Piercings and has since had 3.8 million views and over 12k shares.

In the clip, the mum is seen holding her baby daughter while professionals get both of her ears pierced at the same time.

While the baby seems to be fine with the process at first, she becomes visibly distressed when her ears are pierced, which led many Facebook users to comment on the post, with some even accusing the mum of 'child abuse'.


One user wrote: 'This video made me feel sick I have a daughter that is coming up to one and I would never do that to her all for fashion.!!! Then it got me thinking when babies have there jabs they don't cry for that long so to me that shows that must really hurt ! I promised myself I would never be a judgemental mum but I am sorry this is abuse in my eyes!'

'This is nothing more than socially acceptable abuse', another said, while a third wrote: 'How wrong, not fit to be a mother.'

A fourth commented to say: 'This makes me soooo angry!! Why would anyone do this to their baby???? Let THEM decide when and IF they want to do this to their bodies! I'm with you Laura this should be outlawed. I mean you wouldn't take a baby for a tattoo would you?!?!'

Other people called the mum's decision to get her daughter's ears pierced 'barbaric' and 'disgusting'.

'Barbaric !!! Why would anyone do this to a baby', one wrote, while another agreed: 'Disgusting. Stop stabbing holes in your children for vanity.'

Image: Facebook/Piercings.

However, not everyone disagreed with the mum's decision to get her baby daughter's ears pierced at such a young age, with some saying the pain is no different from a jab.

'Better while their young and get it over with. No different than jabbing them with a needle every three months for illnesses that they won't likely get or still get even with being 'vaccinated'', one wrote, defending the mum's choice.

Others may not have agreed with her but defended the mother's freedom to choose what she think is best for her child, without judgement from other parents.

'I'm not going to go out and pierce my child's ears at a young age. My choice for my child is mine to make, just like with this mother. The child won't remember the pain! And it's not a body notification that can't be undone if they want to later on....', one said.

The age at which parents can get their children's ears pierced often sparks up debate, as some people think it's better to get it done while they're young and others think they should be given the choice to do it when they're older. Katie Price is just one the parents who faced backlash after deciding to pierce her young daughter's ears, after she posted a photo of Bunny wearing earrings.

Where do you stand on getting babies' ears pierced? How young is too young? Let us know in the comments!


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