Mum of 14-year-old girl who committed suicide says her daughter was bullied on social media

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  • The mother of a 14-year-old girl who killed herself claims that her daughter was a victim of cyberbullying on social media.

    Teenager Nyah James was found dead in her bed by mum Dominique Williams on Monday morning when she was trying to wake her for school.

    ‘I knocked on Nyah’s door at about 7am to wake her for school. She was laying on her bed on her side with her phone in her hand. I called her and I had no response so I walked towards her’, Dominique told Mirror Online.

    ‘I could see the tips of her fingers were blue, her lips were blue and her face was white so I screamed and screamed for my partner Sue.’

    According to Dominique, Nyah took an overdose of prescription tablets, after being bullied by peers on Facebook and Snapchat.

    ‘I didn’t see any signs at all. I only found out she was being bullied after her death’, she told Mirror Online.

    ‘One of my step-daughter’s cousins was told by another girl Nyah had been bullied – I’m aware messages were being sent on Snapchat and Facebook. Since then, a few people have come forward to say she had been targeted at school.’

    Nyah’s phone has been seized by police, who are now investigating the case.

    A crowdfunding page has been set up to help raise funds for Nyah’s funeral, where cyberbullying claims are also made.

    Image: JustGiving

    ‘Nyah Williams was taken away from her family too soon. And what makes this awful story- a loving mother finding her vibrant and beautiful young daughter passed away even more heartwrenching? Nyah was being bullied’, the family wrote on the JustGiving page.

    ‘These bullies tormented her and pushed her so far that in the end, she decided that only one option was left open to her. Her self esteem brought so low by the carelessness of bullies that she told no one of her situation… no one of the heartache and the anguish that became so consuming, that she took her own life.’

    The family have since raised £3,000 out of their £10,000 target.