Mum of Down’s syndrome girl shares emotional story of stranger she met in a coffee shop

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  • A mum has shared the emotional moment she met a stranger in a coffee shop while out with her daughter, who has Down’s syndrome.

    Pamela De Almeida, whose story has been shared to the Love What Matters Facebook page along with a picture of her daughter Sophia, was sat in a coffee shop when she noticed two ladies staring at her.

    ‘This is a pretty frequent occurrence for us you see; because my daughter Sophia was born with Down Syndrome. I sat there and watched these two women crane their necks to get a better look at her; completely oblivious to the fact that I was staring right back. Today it bothered me. It really bothered me.’

    It was then that Pamela was approached by a couple, which she assumed would lead to more stares. However, after greeting Sophia with a high-five and a handshake, the man in the couple, with ‘tears in his eyes’, began explain just why seeing her and Sophia had touched him: ‘I have a story I would really like to share with you. But I am afraid I wont get through it without choking up.’

    The mum explains: ‘He told me that he had watched the news last night. There was an interview of a mother who had recently given birth to a child with a major disability. She was on the news defending her decision to keep her baby. She was defending her choice NOT to terminate despite her doctors encouraging her to do so.

    ‘He said, “The point is, you never know a persons impact on the world. You can never know what a person is able to do unless you give them a chance.” He looked at me just before he turned to walk away and said, “You are a beautiful person. Your daughter is beautiful. Congratulations!”‘

    The act of kindness touched Pamela, who began crying immediately. She then goes on to explain just why the encounter meant so much to her.

    ‘That man was the first complete stranger to ever congratulate me on the birth of my daughter Sophia. He was the first complete stranger to recognize her WORTH. Her VALUE. Her BEAUTY.

    ‘In a world where my daughter’s life is whispered about, where she is stared at, this man saw her IMPORTANCE.’

    Pamela De Almeida

    Pamela De Almeida added a new photo.

    The picture has clearly resonated with many Facebook fans, as it’s received over 6,000 shares, over 64,000 likes, and 5,000 comments. Pamela has since commented on the original post with another picture of Sophia, saying: ‘Thank you for sharing my daughters story. I am humbled by all the amazing comments, stories and support from so many people.

    ‘For once in my life, I am speechless!!! Sophia says thank you!!! And sends you all so much love right back’