Netflix characters inspire latest baby name trend

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  • The latest baby name trend has revealed itself, and if you've been gripped by some of the biggest TV series going in the last year you're going to love these increasingly popular monikers.

    We know that this year more than ever parents are looking for something different to name their little darlings. If you take a peek at the top 100 most popular baby names you’ll see some unique name inspiration. But joining the themes for baby names in 2017, is a source that’s been right under your nose – Netflix!

    Just when we thought that Netflix couldn’t get any bigger – bringing some of the most successful TV shows ever – people are now naming their kids in honour of it!

    Baby naming site Baby Bounty Club, has released findings that show how Netflix-related names have soared in popularity for babies from 2015 to 2016.

    Out of 340,000 names submitted by users, a sharp incline was obvious in names from TV shows such as Orange Is The New Black and Breaking Bad.

    Piper, the lead character’s name from Orange Is The New Black, was the highest climber, breaking into the top 150 for the first time with a 20% rise in popularity. Also from the same show were increases in Sophia which is now at number eight, Gloria which has risen by 16% and Stella by 13%.

    Breaking Bad-inspired names followed suit with Walter and Mike increasing by 11% and Jesse by 20%. For House of Cards fans, you’ll be interested to know that Claire has climbed 20% with Zoe making it inside the top 150 at 84.

    Arguably a show with some of the biggest hype surrounding it was Stranger Things, which has brought back some popularity to names such as Nancy and Jonathan – who both enjoyed an 18% increase.

    Lisa Penney, spokeswoman for, said, ‘Popular Netflix characters are strongly influencing parents’ choices for names this year.

    ‘It seems parents can’t get enough of settling down with their favourite Netflix boxset, so much so their favourite characters are living on in their children’s names.’