Thousands of mums are celebrating their #postbabybodies on Instagram with stunning pics

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  • If you’re a mum you’ll know that getting used to your changed shape post-pregnancy can be challenging.

    Over on Instagram there are thousands of women who are celebrating their new tummies by uploading before and after images of themselves.

    Using the hashtag #postbabybody mums everywhere are showing that all women’s shapes and sizes should be celebrated post-motherhood. And the subject obviously resonates with a lot of women. The hashtag has nearly 9000 uploads of amazing ‘mum bods‘ on Instagram alone.

    Of course, a lot of the examples are women who are proud of the weight they’ve shifted since having their little one. One user fit.mamms posted her picture alongside the caption, ‘I’m still amazed at what the female body is capable of. Left I was 38 weeks pregnant and right I was 4 months post-partum.

    ‘I’m not in anyway posting this to pressure new mums to get back into shape. I’m sharing with you my personal results from maintaining a healthy, active pregnancy and post-partum recovery.’

    Accountability Post For anyone that has been following my progress, you might notice not much has happened in the last couple of weeks and that’s because I have let things slide a bit whilst I moved house. I have had way more than my usual number of cheat meals (err, have you ever tried cooking whilst you move house? Thai takeaway FTW!) and I haven’t completed my usual LISS or HIIT. I even missed my first ever resistance session (in 25 weeks of Kayla!). Fortunately I had come such a long way that this transformation shot still makes me feel proud, but I have definitely lost some definition. Above anything else, slipping like this has revealed to me how important ROUTINE and PLANNING is to me. If I plan my week precisely and schedule in my workouts then I will get them done, but if I tell myself to just “find time” then I will slip up. Same goes for food – I need to plan each week out pretty precisely and not let myself just go with the flow – its too hard to resist temptation! What does this mean? It means I have to invest at least an hour every week planning out the next 7 days – figuring out how to balance work, baby, family and my health. Anyone else out there rely on a very precise plan to get them through the week? As a side note – this is my new yellow bikini…I’ve never had anything like it before and I wouldn’t say I feel 100% comfortable yet but I’m going to give it at least one outing to the beach in June

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    While fellow new mum Bronwyn Helgeson said ‘#missmybump but #lovemybaby’ on a picture of her before and after having had her baby.

    Some users of the hashtag, however, haven’t had an entirely positive response to their images. One stay-at-home mum Nikki revealed that after her picture was published in an article about the hashtag she received negative comments about her body on Twitter.

    In a post responding to the trolls she wrote, ‘It took a lot of courage for me to post my progress pictures on Instagram.

    ‘I feel so down about the nasty comments on Twitter from the Daily Mail Article that included one of my pictures (that I knew nothing about).

    4 weeks difference #neverfeltbetter #postbabybody #missmybump but #lovemybaby

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    ‘I never posted my body shots for attention but to inspire others

    ‘My girls are my world – my days are devoted to them. I’m getting fitter and healthier for them.

    ‘Trying not to feel down, but it’s hard.’

    We think you look great Nikki, as do all the other mums!