12 weeks pregnant: Week by week pregnancy guide

Time to tell everyone!

12 weeks pregnant

Now that you're 12 weeks pregnant it might be time to tell people, to help here's your week by week pregnancy guide full of helpful hints and tips.

Wow, so you're 12 weeks pregnant? Only 28 more to go! When it comes to pregnancy a week by week guide (opens in new tab) is a handy way to make sure you're keeping on top of all the changes in your body.

Being 12 weeks pregnant is huge reason to celebrate, it's an important stage in your pregnancy as at your 12 week scan you can try out the nub theory (opens in new tab) to guess the sex of your baby. They also say that the 12 month mark is the perfect time to start telling friends and family your happy news - how exciting! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this special stage of your pregnancy...

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12 weeks pregnant: Symptoms

You've nearly reached the end of the first trimester and suddenly things start looking up. The risk of miscarriage (opens in new tab) now drops considerably and you can now begin to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Those gruelling days of morning sickness (opens in new tab) and pregnancy fatigue may soon be a thing of the past and it can be a real relief to feel more normal again. Your uterus is lifting up out of your pelvis relieving some of the pressure on your bladder so the constant need for a wee will vanish, too.

12 weeks pregnant: Fetal development

12 week foetus. 12 weeks pregnant, pregnancy week by week


It's just 12 weeks after your last period and already your baby is fully formed. They're the size of a kiwi and weigh around 15g (that's around a tablespoon). All of their organs, muscles, limbs and bones are now in place and the sex organs are well developed. However, it's still to soon to determine the sex of your baby visually. You could try the Chinese birth predictor (opens in new tab) or our girl or boy quiz... (opens in new tab)

From now on they just needs to grow and mature. They are about 7.5cm in length which is less than the height of a can of baked beans!

Inside the womb they've started a mini work out. Bones and muscles are developing and they'll begin exercising arms and legs.

12 weeks pregnant: What tests to expect

Your booking-in appointment may be scheduled for this week.

You may have a Nuchal Translucency Scan and a blood test this week to screen for Down's Syndrome.

You may be offered a Chorionic Villus Sampling test if you have been identified as having a high risk of carrying a baby with Down's Syndrome or other genetic disorders.

It's early days but antenatal classes do fill up very quickly so book your place now. Antenatal classes are a great way of learning about everything from pain relief to labour positions to bathing a newborn. They also give you the chance to meet other expectant couples. Find out about classes from your hospital or midwife or call the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) which runs its own classes (prices vary).

12 weeks pregnant: How to tell people

Now that you've reached that 12 week milestone you may decide to share your good news with family and friends. You don't have to tell your employer yet but it may make it easier when it comes to taking time off for your antenatal appointments. During pregnancy you're entitled to take time off for your antenatal appointments and your employer has to give you this as paid leave.

If your sense of humour's still intact after many weeks of cradling the toilet bowl then why not have some fun sharing your exciting news. Check out the best pregnancy announcements (opens in new tab) ever for funny ways to announce you're expecting to friends and family.

Researchers have found that pregnant women are pretty spot on when it comes to predicting whether they're carrying a boy or a girl. In one US study, 100 pregnant women were asked to predict the sex of their unborn babies. Women who claimed to have an intuition about the gender of their child made the right choice over 70 per cent of the time.