Scientists predict what Prince George will look like at 60

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  • Scientists at the University of Bradford have taken one of our cutest royals and shown us a vision of the future, and we’re not sure what to make of it.

    Hassan Ugail, Professor of Visual Computing, and his team at the Yorkshire university have developed a smart app that shows you a picture of what your future self will look like.

    And they claim their results are scarily accurate, with up to 80% certainty.

    The University of Bradford’s prediction of what Prince George will look like at 60

    Looking at the computer-generated image, we couldn’t help but notice our young heir to the throne, Prince George, looks less like his father Prince William and remarkably like Taken actor Liam Neeson.

    Image: University of Bradford

    Uncanny, no?

    We’re relying on the 20% margin of error, caused by environment and dietary factors to work wonders and keep little George looking cherubic forever.

    The app is the most advanced software of its kind and works by blending a child’s features with that of their parents.

    Hassan says: ‘It is widely understood that the genes of our parents provide the blueprint for how we look.’

    Whilst the program does produce amusing results, it is intended to have a much more serious purpose – the ability to detect terrorist suspects in large crowds.

    The advanced facial recognition capabilities would mean being able to locate individuals despite their appearance having changed.

    The scientist added: ‘It could be used in security applications, help authorities create more realistic portraits of wanted criminals or to help trace missing children and adults.’

    The app is also potentially being offered to parents-to-be to see how their offspring will look before they are born.

    Hassan explained that until now; ‘Facial ageing software has only been able to reliably predict our own future appearance.’

    The software was also put to the test with other famous faces, including Princess Charlotte – whose dainty features remain, but under a mane of blonde hair, unlike her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, when she’s generated to age 20.

    Image: University of Bradford

    Another image of Charlotte aged to 60 like her brother shows her growing old remarkably gracefully, appearing youthful and without any wrinkles.

    Image: University of Bradford

    If only all our futures looked so attractive!