Prince George and Princess Charlotte play ‘shopkeepers’ with grandma Carole Middleton

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  • Prince George and Princess Charlotte spend plenty of time with Carole Middleton, and love to pretend they’re in charge of their own shop while their granny is busy at work!

    It’s been recently reported that five-year-old George and his sister Charlotte, aged three, have been busy honing their entrepreneurial skills under the watchful eye of their grandma Carole.

    The young royals are very close to the Middletons, and have been spotted ‘working’ work with Kate’s mum, Carole at her Party Pieces company headquarters in Berkshire.

    According to the report, George and Charlotte ‘play being shopkeepers’ while their granny is busy running the family business.

    Like any doting grandparent, Carole, 63, loves to spoil her grandchildren.

    According to one visitor to George’s ‘shop’, the prince was sitting at the ‘front of the house’, and exclaimed excitedly ‘Oh my gosh!’ when he was treated to some sweets by his grandma.

    And, the newspaper also reported how the Duchess of Cambridge still laughs about how she once called home from a foreign tour to speak to her mum, who was babysitting George, only to learn that his granny had given him ‘chips, again’ for dinner.

    The Cambridge family remain close to their grandparents, with Carole and her husband Michael, 69, regularly visiting the Duke and Duchess’ Amner Hall home in Norfolk.

    Although Kate has a busy schedule of royal duties and childcare, she still spends plenty of time with her parents to go on holidays such as a recent rumoured trip to the Caribbean region of Mustique.

    Though George and Charlotte are great playmates, the pair don’t spend all of their time together, as we recently shared George likes to spend time on his own as well as with his little sister.

    A source told the publication that George is ‘very independent now and not as interested in playing with Charlotte all the time’, adding: ‘They are close, but George likes to go off and do his own thing.

    ‘George takes a little while to warm up, but once he’s comfortable with you, he’s very chatty and charming.’

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