How Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’s privacy is protected by Kate and William

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  • Prince George and Princess Charlotte attract the world's media attention at every appearance they attend but Kate and William are keen to protect all of their children's privacy - which is why they are taking certain steps to ensure this happens.

    Prince George and Princess Charlotte are two of the most recognisable children in the world, and as their brother Prince Louis gets older, he’ll join their exclusive club too.

    It’s therefore not very surprising to learn that Prince William and Kate are keen to protect their children’s privacy. They have previously explained that they want to give their children as normal a childhood as possible and it’s one of the reasons Prince George still doesn’t know he’s third in line to the throne.

    Although we all know that Princess Charlotte has a huge net worth, that’s bigger than both of her brother’s, she is none the wiser.

    And despite the fact that she often waves to the cameras while she’s out, she probably has no idea how many people are interested in seeing her cute moments.

    According to ABC’s Royal expert, Obie Scobie, it was Princess Diana that made the move to stop royal children being sheltered and hidden from the real world so that they could experience normal activities like going to theme parks and fast food restaurants.


    So while Prince William is keen to follow in his mother’s footsteps in some ways, he also wants to set certain boundaries.

    It’s for this reason that the Cambridges try to spend as much time outside of London as possible. It was recently reported that they would be spending the rest of their summer in Norfolk, and this is so that Prince George and Princess Charlotte can enjoy running around in the country care-free rather than in the gated gardens of Kensington Palace where photographers might be looming.

    Kate and William have also chosen not to have social media profiles which limits the amount of personal information that is available.

    Kate and William are also happy to supply pictures of their children on certain special occasions and milestones but Kate takes the pictures herself, so that she can control how the children are portrayed and decide exactly which ones are made public.

    By supplying pictures, it means Kate and William can guarantee a certain level of privacy from photographers as they are satisfying a demand.

    Royal expert Victoria Arbiter explains: ‘Nothing is a given, but in terms of managing to keep a good relationship with the British media, it’s in William’s and Kate’s interest to release photos.’

    Unsurprisingly, Kate and William pick their staff very carefully and keep their circle of friends very small.

    Arbiter explained: ‘This day and age, this generation of royals, their friends are incredibly loyal. Nobody wants to be thrown out of the royal circle. So where in Charles and Diana’s day, the press used to be able to pay off someone for a tip… this circle does not leak.’

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