‘They soon found their way into a cupboard’ Prince George and Princess Charlotte had a toy confiscated by their parents

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  • Prince George and Princess Charlotte may live extraordinary lives compared to other children their age, but at home they’re just like any normal kid according to their parents Kate Middleton and Prince William.

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Coventry for a day of engagements yesterday that saw them tour the famous cathedral, open a new Science and Health building at the University and visit a youth foundation in the city.

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    On their arrival in Coventry, Connie Hudson, wife of the High Sheriff of the West Midlands, asked after the couple’s children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. She also enquired if, after their last day of engagements together before Christmas, Prince William and Kate gave their two young children the whistles that had been gifted to them following a tour of a famous whistle factory.

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    ‘Don’t show that to George; we’ll never get any peace,’ Prince William had joked at the time, leading Connie Hudson to wonder if the children ever got the whistles intended for them.

    ‘Did you actually give the whistles to the children or did you chicken out?’ she asked.

    ‘We did give them but they soon found their way into a cupboard because of the noise!’ William honestly admitted.

    Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have no shortage of toys to play with at home in Kensington Palace however, despite the confiscation of the whistles by their parents.

    The Duchess of Cambridge, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s third child, revealed that Prince George is still obsessed with all things to do with the police, following on from receiving a police car as a Christmas gift.

    Darcy Hayes, 9, who gave Kate some bright orange flowers revealed that the Duchess said, ‘George will love the flowers because he loves orange and police colours.’

    Prince William also told Darcy that just like her, ‘Charlotte loves dolls.’

    Last week was a big week for Princess Charlotte as the young royal started nursery for the very first time.

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    As well as loving dolls, the little Princess is also known to love the colour pink, so Kate ensured that her daughter had plenty of pink accessories to see her off on her first day.