Prince George was jealous of his dad Prince William’s day at work

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  • Prince George was ‘very envious’of his dad after hearing what William had been getting up to at work, the Prince confessed to fellow guests at a black tie gala last night.

    Prince William, who last night joined 300 other guests at a fundraising gala at the Imperial War Museum in London, revealed that following his visit to the site of a new rehabilitation centre for injured soldiers, Prince George had been very jealous of his dad after hearing that he got to ‘drive a digger’ at the construction site.

    Prince William had been visiting the new site for a £300 million initiative called the Defence National Rehabilitation Centre, of which he is a patron, near Loughborough in 2014.

    The centre, which will treat and look after injured members of the Armed Forces, is due to open next year and Prince William had dropped by to see the progress of the ‘ambitious’ project.

    Speaking at the fundraising gala last night, Prince William spoke of his admiration for the project, before also joking that his young son Prince George had been ‘envious’ after learning his dad had taken a go in one of the diggers used at the site.

    ‘I have been repeatedly impressed by both the speed and ambitious scale of this endeavour’, Prince William said in his speech.

    ‘I was present at the end of 2014 when the first building was demolished to make way for the new construction. George was very envious as I got to drive a digger.’

    Prince George’s interest in diggers comes after he has already shown a keen interest in flying, just like his dad.

    Fascinated by planes and helicopters, we witnessed George’s love of aeroplanes and engines when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took Prince George and Princess Charlotte with them on their royal tour of Germany and Poland this summer.

    On the final day, as a pre-birthday ‘treat’, Prince William allowed George to explore an EC145 helicopter on the airport tarmac before the family flew home to the UK and the four-year-old could not contain his excitement.

    Antoine van Gent, who oversaw the royal family’s trip to see the helicopter said, ‘The Duke was very relaxed showing his children the professional aircraft he uses.

    ‘George was excited, with the first helicopter he wanted to sit in the cockpit and then he wanted to sit in the next one, he already knew there was a difference between them.’

    ‘Charlotte was also excited, after her brother had sat in the cockpit she wanted to as well. Charlotte asked her mother if she could push a button and the duchess glanced at us and asked if it was ok and we said yes.’

    So it seems that Prince William might have TWO future pilots in the family, not just one. Cute!