19 perfect Bradley Walsh reactions to the RUDEST moments on The Chase

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  • The Chase is one of Britain’s best game shows. Fact.

    However, whilst we love the chipper contestants and confident chasers, it would be nothing without the cleverly crafted questions that are (unashamedly) designed to make host Bradley Wash burst out laughing. And as we all know, when Bradley gets the giggles, there’s no stopping him.

    From his out-of-control reactions to the most hilarious innuendos so far, we’ve rounded up 19 of the most unforgettable moments from ITV’s greatest daytime offerings.

    You’ll be wiping away tears of laughter by the end!

    1. Bradley’s reaction to this innocent looking name

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    Say it out loud and you’ll see why! Bradley has since said in an interview that he wants to apologise to Miss Chmelar for laughing so much at her unfortunate name.

    2. When he asked a contestant if she’d seen a ‘giant cock’ in Trafalgar Square

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    Turns out she hadn’t.

    3. When he met this unexpected expert

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    Well, wouldn’t we all?

    4. When he completely lost it over good old ‘Willi Wakker’

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    Proving that silly names will never NOT be funny.

    5. When he was happy to lend a helping hand…

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    We’re guessing ‘C’ for that one.

    6. When he couldn’t quite keep it together over this wrong answer

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    The answer was ‘as fussy as a hen with one chick’, if you were wondering. Which makes a bit more sense.

    7. When he got a bit tongue tied in the quick fire round

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    Erm… think you mean ‘biting midge’ there Bradley.

    8. When he said what we all were thinking

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    Same Bradley. Same.

    9. When Bradley struggled with this Welsh village

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    All together now…

    10. Only to have the contestant correct him

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    At least he tried.

    11. When he tried to make up an X-rated Roald Dahl book out of nowhere

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    We don’t think that one ever got published, Bradley!

    12. The look on the contestant’s face says it all…

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    He definitely would’ve remembered if he had been read that as a child.

    13. When he couldn’t deal with the word ‘dinga’

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    In all fairness, it does sound hilarious.

    14. When he lost it at the title ‘Twisting My Plums’

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    The correct answer was ‘Twisting My Melon’, if you’re dying to know.

    15. Poor Bradley

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    Any sentence with ‘camel’s toe’ in it always gets a giggle.

    16. When this lady’s choice of answer shocked him to his core

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    He was already cracking up at the fact that ‘A-Hole’ was an answer, but when she actually chose it? He lost it!

    17. When he fell over onstage, but tried to shift the blame

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    Down you go, Bradley.

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    So cheeky.

    18. When he just couldn’t cope with all of these

    Image: ITV/YouTube Try and hold it in, Bradley!

    19. When he pointed out what everyone was thinking

    Image: ITV/YouTube
    Even the contestants couldn’t contain themselves.