Parents’ anger over school headmaster who bunked off in Brazil

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  • Parents of kids at a school in Leicester have been left outraged after finding out that the headmaster took time off to go to the Brazil World Cup.

    Mr McGovern, 55, apparently took two weeks off from Stafford Leys Primary School during term time due to ‘personal reasons’.

    But when parents discovered that the headteacher had actually jetted off to Brazil to watch the World Cup, they were left fuming. Speaking to The Sun, one angry parent said of Mr McGovern’s time off: ‘We’d be fined if we took our kids out of school. It’s double standards.’

    The headmaster’s request for leave was initially rejected by governors but Mr McGovern enlisted the help of his union to appeal and the decision was overturned.

    Stafford Leys Primary School have refused to say why he took the time off, but Zoe Gibbs, mother of Harvey, six, and Oliver, eight, who go to the school told The Sun, ‘It got out he’s gone to Brazil for the World Cup.

    ‘When my son was off with tonsillitus for two weeks Mr McGovern wrote to us saying it was too long. If that’s too long then a headmaster going to Brazil in term time just isn’t right.’

    A spokesperson for the school has said in Mr McGovern’s defence that this is the first time he’s ever requested leave and that his attendance at the primary school has been ‘exemplary.’

    The headmaster is due to return to school before the children break up for the summer holidays on July 11.

    Parents can be punished £60 per child for taking them out of school outside of the school holidays, which jumps up to £120 if not paid within 28 days.

    With that in mind, what do you think to the headmaster taking two weeks off for the World Cup? Let us know in a comment below.

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