Parents are raving about these ‘Shittens’ mittens that help deal with your child’s poo explosions

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  • All parents have been faced with a dreaded poo explosion at some point. Thankfully, this handy product will make cleaning up your little one that little bit easier.

    Most of us are a dab hand at a quick nappy change and hardly bat an eye with the scene we’re faced with, but for the poo-phobic among us or when things are THAT bad, this product could make those clean-ups a whole lot easier and cleaner.

    The hilariously named ‘Shittens’, (yes, really), are essentially a glove and wipe in one and are the hero of the day when your baby has experienced a dreaded poonami. Swapping out tens of wipes on a particularly bad nappy change for just one mitten glove that does the job sounds very appealing!

    You no longer need to freak out at the thought of get poo on your paws as these double-sided gloves are at-hand for the messiest of situations, and will keep you nice and fresh whilst also cleaning up your little cherub.

    Shittens claim: ‘If there’s one great universal truth that we can all agree on, it’s this: No one wants poop on their hands.’ And, we’re not going to argue with that.

    But before you write them off as a joke (they’re often bought as a gag present, apparently), hundreds of parents have been quick to rave about them, claiming they’re also great for cleaning up children who are potting training and as baby shower gifts.

    One Amazon buyer claimed: ‘This was bought as a gag gift. Surprisingly they are a very good product.’

    ‘Absolutely love this product and wonder why it took so long’ said another buyer.

    Another added: ‘Got them for a friend’s baby shower. Because…baby poop.’

    Not just for children, Shittens claim their disposable gloves are also suitable to use on your pets and grown-ups, being particularly handy for the elderly.

    You can pick up a pack of 20 on Amazon for £16.99. It’s not the cheapest option by any means but they could be your lifeline during a particularly bad late night nappy change!

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