12 telltale signs that your partner is a truly AMAZING dad

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  • Is your partner the apple of your children’s eye? Does he make you go all gooey inside when he’s doing cute dad stuff?

    If you reckon your man is a top dad, take a little look at our list below and see how many of these you can tick off. We bet you’ll recognise more than a few of these in your other half!

    1. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty – literally

    Look, we might have birthed that little critter but that doesn’t mean we should be doing all the dirty work as well. In our eyes you’re only a real dad once you’ve had baby poo on your hands (and clothes, and face probably).

    2. He feels all the feels

    We’re not going to force him to cry, but is there anything more heartwarming than watching a dad get choked up over his love for his little one? We think not – anyone got any tissues?

    3. He’s got your back

    Mum and dad, although sometimes play good cop and bad cop, are ultimately a team, and that means backing us up when we say NO MORE POM BEARS. If your man supports your parenting decisions in front of the enemy (aka the kids) you know he’s a great dad.

    4. He’s not scared to look silly

    There’s nothing better than a man who’s happy to abandon any cool points he ever earned in order to make your little ones laugh. Sound like yours? You know he’s an absolute boss in the dad department.

    5. He understands he is a role model

    Nothing can prepare us for being a parent, but the truth is that you are the biggest role model your kids will ever have and a dad that respects that is a special thing.

    6. He gives you some time to yourself

    Each parent’s role is just as important as the other, but if you’re a stay at home mum and your partner understands that although he’s working, he at least gets to talk to adults in his day and knows when you need a break from small people hanging off your body, that’s a big thumbs up.

    7. He’s always there for a bedtime story

    Okay, it doesn’t have to be a bedtime story, but if your other half commits to consistently being there for a part of your baby’s daily routine it’s a heartwarming thing to see.

    8. He’s all about the Mother’s Day

    Part of being a good dad is teaching your kids to respect women, and most importantly of course, their mother. We love a dad that revels in Mother’s Day as much as his own little holiday (and of course we’ll be doing the same when Father’s Day rolls round!)

    9. He feigns awe and excitement at his kid’s artwork

    They may not be the next Picasso, but every painting or weird crafty concoction brought home gets them positively showered with praise, complete with enthusiastic high-fives for added pride.

    10. He lets them win

    There’s no time this rule applies more than when playing games with a little one who is desperate to be the winner.

    11. He knows all the words to the theme tunes of their favourite programmes

    This is the sign of a man who has sat through enough Paw Patrol for a lifetime, otherwise known as a legend.

    12. He doesn’t moan about getting woken up early

    Those early morning wake-up calls are an absolute killer, but a dad that is excited to see his kiddies in the morning, even though that means feeling like a zombie, is a winner in our eyes.

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