Party snack pots - crafts for kids

The kids will love helping you make these fun Union Jack party snack pots for all your delicious party food. Here's how it's done...

Make these lovely Union Jack-inspired party snack pots with your kids - they'll love helping out. These pretty pots will look great filled with delicious buffet

party food

. Cram them full of mini sausage rolls, cake pops and breadsticks - we bet you'll have happy guests! Don't forget to supervise the little ones with the craft knife and glue gun when making the snack pots.

How to make party snack pots

Time: 20 minutes, plus drying time Skill level: Beginner

Craft equipment:

  • A4 fab foam

  • A4 sheet of corrugated card

  • Tin can

  • Craft knife

  • Glue gun OR we recommend using PVA glue

  • Stapler

  • Ruler

  • Trimmings like buttons, paper flowers and card

With a craft knife, cut your piece of A4 corrugated card to 10.5cm in width.

Using your tin can as a guide, wrap the card around it and, with a pencil, mark where the overlap is.

Remove the card and trim it down the side so there is a 2cm overlap. Staple at the top, middle and bottom, to secure a tube shape.

Trim your A4 sheet of foam to 11.5cm in width. Make it into a tube shape and place it inside the corrugated paper. As before, mark the overlap and cut away any excess. Place snugly inside your corrugated paper.

Using the tin can, draw a circle for a base onto the foam and cut it out. With a glue gun, stick this to the base of your container and allow to dry. Trim with different decorations for each.

You will find all of the items to make this project at your local Hobbycraft store and online at (opens in new tab). Project, video and images courtesy of  

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