Tatler guide reveals ‘what posh people keep in their nurseries’

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  • Ever wondered how the other half lives when it comes to parenting?

    Well, thanks to renowned society bible Tatler, you can take a glimpse inside the way that ‘posh people’ decorate their nurseries – and actually, some of the signature features probably aren’t that different from the items you had in your own.

    Top of the list in the article, entitled ‘What posh people keep in their nurseries’, is a traditional rocking horse – a choice which is perhaps surged in popularity once again after little Prince George was pictured riding his whilst meeting the Obama family in April 2016.

    Barack Obama reportedly gifted Prince George a rocking horse for his first birthday

    ‘Given that, at some point, a Sloane will love a horse more than a husband or child, they might as well get used to life in the saddle as quickly as possible,’ Tatler notes.

    Also making the line up are old books (‘perhaps an encyclopedia on Birds of the British Isles/Great Rivers of the World. Never too young to start learning about these things’), a doll’s house, and a dressing up box, as well as the classic childhood toy Sylvanian Families, which parents of a posh child can apparently expect to find ‘literally everywhere’.

    Got a collection of Sylvanian Families in your household? Chances are, you might be posh…

    Perhaps the most unexpected determining factor of a posh nursery in the piece is a woodlouse, which the title explains is typically kept as something of a pet, named something like Peter or Agent Midnight.’

    The woodlouse can be ‘found hustling around the log basket next to the fireplace downstairs, has now been put into its own luxury accommodation, ie a matchbox, and has curiously been curled up into a ball for more than a week,’ they detail.

    Do you have any of the telltale signs of a ‘posh’ nursery in your children’s rooms? Let us know in the comments below!

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