The 15 struggles a dad of only girls will face

If you only have a family of girls then we think you might just relate to these 16 things...

As a prospective father you naturally think of what it would be like to have a little boy or little girl. But what happens when you have a girl, and then another, and before you know it you're surrounded by a load of ladies with only the dog for male company?

A lot of pink, a lot or princess talk and a whole lot of fun, that's what!

Here are the struggles you'll appreciate if you're the only man of the house…

1. You've had to come up with some pretty inventive solutions to hair styling

How exactly are you meant to plait and pigtail and all the rest of it when you've never been able to practice on your own hair?

2. You thought your partner acted like a princess, but...

Little girls are a whole new level of princess. If something's not to their liking they're sure not shy about telling you.

3. You've tried all kinds of things to get them interested in the sports you like

Turns out throwing balls at them and hoping they'll be as passionate as you doesn't work.

4. You are their living climbing frame

They think you must be the strongest man alive and test you daily by climbing up you as soon as you're through the door from work.

5. They have no concept of how sore this it...

And they find it hilarious when they harm your manhood. You don't.

6. You've sat through more musical/dance/gymnastic displays in your front room than you'd care to say

There's nothing your daughters enjoy more than planning and performing for you and their mum. Even though you love your girls, this isn't exactly how you want to spend every afternoon.

7. They always want all of your food

How can such small people eat so much? Even if they've got food on their own plates they'll want yours and know how to work their face of an angel to get it, luckily you've become a master at making sure they don't succeed!

8. Boys around your daughter's age are now the worst thing that you can think of

You've taught your daughters from a young age that boys are bad and you'll never be prepared for the day they first utter the word 'boyfriend'.

9. You've resigned yourself to the fact that you'll always be the odd one out

They outnumber you in whatever you do so you might as well just accept you're having your fingernails painted to be as much a part of the gang as you can be and get on with it.

10. You know that little girls have BIG egos

How did they get so much attitude so young? You blame their mother.

11. You've spent many an afternoon getting a makeover

Before having girls you wouldn't have let anyone go near your face with lipstick, now it's a regular thing to have the stuff all over your money-maker.

12. You're made to dress up more often than you might like

But you just have to face that there's no choice, resistance is pointless.

13. You're fighting a constant battle against pink

Does EVERYTHING need to be in a shade of pink?

14. You now know the pain of hearing the same song 17,000 times in a row

This applies to films too, why they don't get bored of the same thing over and over again you'll never know...

15. You have forgotten how to say no

You'll never know how they manage to wind you round their tiny fingers but you do know that you more often than not find yourself doing exactly what they want

But after all that, they're your best friends

Your girls are your world and you wouldn't trade them for anything, in fact you quite like being the only man of the house! 

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