The top 10 most annoying nursery rhymes

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  • Had a nursery rhyme stuck in your head all day again? You're not alone. Check out our countdown to the top 10 most annoying nursery rhymes.

    If you’re a mum you’ll know that nursery rhymes play a big part in your kids’ lives from the moment they’re born. There are the soft toys that sing them when squeezed, the night lights that play soothing versions of them, the books, the CDs, the library groups, the list goes on.

    And as soon as they can talk, ‘Again!’ will be ringing in your ears after each rendition of their favourite rhyme. When you’re on your own in the car, or in the supermarket and catch yourself humming ‘Humpty Dumpty’, you know you’ve been caught by the curse of the nursery rhyme. Once it’s in your head, it won’t let go.
    So which ones are the most annoying? Here’s our countdown to the worst offender – is your least favourite one here? Tell us below which ones you love or hate in our comments section.

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