Create your own colourful dip dye napkins

create your own dip dye napkins

Add a pop of colour to your table with these chic dip dye napkins in sorbet shades.

Looking to learn how to dip dye? Give tired napkins a pop of pastel colour with this easy craft project (opens in new tab). A simple dip dye can transform a napkin and a table setting into an array of colour.

Pastels are perfect for the spring and summer months. But if you're looking for a bolder revamp, why not try out this make with a more vivid shade, like a sea blue or a rich burgundy red? Or how about an understated shade of grey in nod to the Scandi trend?

Whatever your colour choice of colour for these dip dye napkins, be sure to complete your new table look with a posy of matching blooms for an eye-catching finishing touch.

To make these dip dye napkins you will need:

  • White cotton napkins
  • Hand wash dye in pink, purple and green
  • Large glass jar
  • Old wooden spoon or stirrer
  • 2in wide paintbrush
  • Iron


Dylon Fabric Dye for Hand Use in Powder Pink, Intense Violet and Tropical Green, £3 each, Hobbycraft (opens in new tab)

How to make them:

1. Run the bottom two thirds of the napkin under a cold tap to make it wet, then lay out flat on a plastic covered surface (an old shower curtain or wipe-clean tablecloth is ideal).

2. Put 3cm of water in the jar and add a heaped teaspoon of the dye. Stir well. Dip the brush in the jar and paint a line along the bottom edge of the napkin. Add another 2cm of water to the jar, stir well, then brush above the first line, overlapping slightly.

3. Continue to work up the napkin, diluting the water each time until the last line is very faded. Leave flat for an hour, then rinse. Hang to dry and finally iron flat.

4. To create a pastel place setting, fold the napkin into a small rectangle and tie around the centre with a piece of twine or matching ribbon. Top with a set of cutlery and position in the centre of a dinner plate.

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