Homemade personalised gifts: 7 crafts that make perfect presents

Looking for the perfect creative gift to show off your craft skills AND show someone you care? These personalised craft ideas are all perfect for giving as thoughtful presents, and there is something for everyone from your neighbour to the kids' favourite teacher!

Looking for the perfect creative gift to show off your craft skills AND show someone you care?

These homemade personalised gifts, and craft ideas, are all perfect for giving as thoughtful presents, and there is something for everyone from your neighbour to the kids' favourite teacher!

Homemade personalised gifts:

A ribbon picture frame

What? Take an existing photo frame and turn it into something super-pretty, with a handmade ribbon to hang it with.

How? Get yourself a glue gun, and your chosen ribbons, and this can be finished within a matter of minutes!

Why? Receiving a sentimental gift is always a lovely present, and this DIY idea gives your a chance to share some special photos with the recipient too.

Make our ribbon picture frame

Pom pom blanket

What? Help a loved one to add extra cosiness to their home with this beautiful and unique take on a blanket.

How? All you need is cardboard, scissors, wool, and of course a throw/blanket, and just a little bit of sewing - and voila!

Why? Everyone loves a cosy evening at home, and so there's no doubt that almost everyone you know will love this stylish and practical gift!

Make our pom pom blanket

Personalised jam jars

What? Jam jars are a stylish way of storing all of your everyday items, and look good in every kitchen!

How? If you want a super easy homemade gift, these are perfect - plus, the kids will love getting involved in making them!

Why? If you've got an eco-conscious friend or relative in mind, this gift will help to keep their food fresh and reduce waste. They're also great for an organised friend, who wants to be able to see everything they've got in their kitchen easily.

Make our personalised jam jar

Fabric covered files

What? These are normal, dull file boxes, made to look more pretty and exciting!

How? You'll need all of the normal bits - ribbon, glue, scissors, and then of course some old box files that you either had at home or you bought.

Why? Ideal for encouraging a loved one to get their life in order, because organisation is so much easier if you've got something lovely-looking to organise with!

Make our fabric covered files

Cork board letters

Credit: GoodtoKnow

What? A cork board in the shape of a letter of your choice. As eye-catching and useful as it is simple.

How? You will need various cutting implements, cork floor tiles and glue to put these together in a couple of hours.

Why? These cork boards avoid the messy office eyesore effect of the standard fare, instead providing a trendy yet practical addition to the home. Perfect for sale on a stall or as personalised gifts, too!

Make our cork board craft

Personalised tea light holder

Credit: GoodtoKnow

What? Pretty tea light holders personalised with letter-shaped cutouts.

How? This project will involves printing off letters on sticky labels, then cutting them out, spray painting them and sticking them on glasses.

Why? These delightful little holders make the perfect personalised gift, allowing the receiver to enjoy soft, flickering candle light through the letters of their own name.

Make our tealight holder craft

Name bunting

Credit: GoodtoKnow

What? Lovely fabric bunting, personalised with letters of your choice!

How? You will use scissors to cut letters and shapes out of your preferred fabrics, and then use a sewing machine to stitch them on to a long ribbon.

Why? These are great for a birthday party, allowing you to hang the birthday girl or boy's name around the house, with the fabric giving a nice, quality look and feel.

Make our name bunting craft

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Washi tape initials

Credit: GoodtoKnow

What? A funky initial with streaks of washi tape creating a wacky, DIY effect.

How? This is a very simple process (if you can call it that) using a cardboard letter cutout, some rolls of washi tape and a pair of scissors.

Why? The fun to be had in the process of making these with the kids is reason enough, but they also make a quirky prop to give a surreal, fun-house feel to you or a friend's home!

Make our washi tape initial craft

Crayon letter picture craft

Credit: GoodtoKnow

What? This block containing a letter composed of crayons is an unusual yet strangely elegant gift idea for people of all ages.

How? The process is suprisingly easy. Cut up some crayons, glue them on a letter printout, stick it in a frame, et voilà! You are all done!

Why? These framed crayon letters are a fun project and gift for kids, and double up just as well as a stylish gift for adults!

Make our crayon initial craft 

Happy crafting!

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