Halloween scary steps

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  • Get ready for Halloween night with these super spooky monster feet. Use our template to create a pair of scary footsteps that your kids can wear on their feet.

    Who’s that creeping up behind you? Whoever it is has rather large and rather terrifying feet! Our Halloween crafts for kids are the perfect way to spend some quality family time together.

    These colourful crafts are quick and simple to make and you’ll easily be able to find what you need in your local craft store. Once made, these can be used in multiple way: place them strategically around the house for a Halloween party to make it seem a though a monster has been creeping around in the dark; or use them as part of an outfit for you little one.

    Be creative with their costume – furry trousers, sparkly tops, crazy fac paint – and finish it all off with a pair of home made monster feet.

    Your kids will love stomping around in their very own pair of monster feet, especially if they can design and make them themselves. Cover the footsteps in pom-poms, feathers, wiggle eyes – anything to make them extra spooky.

    You will need…

    How to make your scary steps

    • Print the monster foot template on paper and cut out. Draw around the template on a sheet of foam, and cut out. Repeat to make 2 large feet,
    • Draw and cut out small foam triangles, and stick to the toes of the foam feet with glue.
    • Decorate the feet with bright feathers, pom poms or wiggle eyes.
    • Using a craft knife and ruler, cut a cross on each foot, large enough for your child’s foot to fit through