How to make homemade gift tags that'll add a personal touch to any present

Add a purse-friendly personal touch to your gift-wrapping this year with these easy homemade gift tags.

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Add a purse-friendly personal touch to your gift-wrapping this year with these easy homemade gift tags.

Brown paper wrapping can seem a little plain on its own, so we've jazzed it up with some pretty string and easy homemade gift tags.

We've chosen to cut letters for our boxes, but you can create any shape or style of tag you like. You just need a few basic craft supplies that you've probably already got in your cupboards, and these cute Christmas cut-outs will transform the presents under your tree from boring and basic to miniature masterpieces.

They might look sophisticated, but this craft is totally kid-friendly - once the shapes are cut, they can get involved with the sticking, decorating and tying, so don't be afraid to let them get as creative as they like. Their creations will look fab on presents for their classmates or teachers, or perhaps even for mum and dad, if you're lucky enough!

From gifts for colleagues and neighbours to Christmas food gifts or wrapping up top Christmas toys, these homemade gift tags are the perfect personal touch on any parcel.

Time to get snipping...

You will need

- Card - Paper (we used brown card and Victoria Eggs 'Christmas Delights' gift wrap, but you can use any colour or combination you like!) - String - Glue - Scissors - Hole punch

Step 1

Cut the brown card into the desired shape and size. Try a simple square, or rectangle, or taper towards one end for a handmade luggage tag.

Step 2

Cut out shapes or images from your selected gift wrap or magazines. Stick the shapes on the card.

Step 3

Punch a hole in the top and thread through the string, and tie into a bow or a simple knot.

Attach to your present, write your message, and voila! Sit back and watch the recipient's delighted reaction.

Homemade gift tag ideas

If you're looking for some gift tag idea inspiration, look no further than these options here. They'll add a unique touch to any present, and are great fun when getting the kids involved!

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If you've got some spare ink stencils laying around at home (or even if you don't, you can buy them for under £10 at Hobbycraft), they can be a lovely way of decorating your gift tags for all sorts of occasions. Although the ones above are centred around Christmas, you could use ones for birthdays, or just a generic, 'best wishes' message. They add a rustic, homemade feel to a gift tag that recipients are sure to love.

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However, if you're after something a bit more simple, you and the kids could recreate this pretty and festive gift tag with a simple piece of red felt! Cut a heart shape in the felt (of course being careful with scissors around children), and simply glue it on to your gift tag, alongside a heartfelt (get it?) message.

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If you're looking to make your present-giving a little bit more eco-friendly, this gift-wrapping idea is brilliant. Use brown paper, which can be recycled, to wrap, and tie your gift tag on with a simple piece of string. It looks traditional and homely, and won't do half as much damage to the environment as ribbon gift tags and plastic wrapping paper. Add a hand-written message, and you're all done!

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