How to make a Father’s Day badge

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  • Let dad know he’s number one by awarding him this handmade rosette

    Just a paper plate is all you need to create a best dad badge to give him this Father’s Day. Decorate the badge in dad’s favourite colours, using whatever paper and ribbons you have around the house.

    If you don’t have any ribbons, make your Father’s Day badge with pieces of trailing tissue paper. Or how about cutting up a colourful plastic bag instead?

    It’s so easy to make, just follow our step-by-step photo guide and your badge will be complete in a matter of minutes!

    You can make this badge for any special occasion, not just Father’s Day. Simply adapt the instructions by writing something else on the circle of card, perhaps for a birthday badge or for a first place award.

    Plus, you can make whatever size badge you want to. If you don’t want a big badge, omit the paper plate altogether. For a super-sized version, a regular paper plate will ensure that everyone sees it on your dad’s special day.

    You will need:

    • Small paper plate
    • Coloured card
    • Scissors
    • Glue stick
    • Felt tip pen or pencil
    • Wide and thin ribbon
    • Sticky tape

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    How to make a Father’s Day badge:

    1. Cut out a circle from the coloured card.

    How to make a Father’s Day badge

    Write a message to dad on the circle. We’ve chosen no. 1 dad, but best dad or happy Father’s Day would work well too.

    How to make a Father’s Day badge

    2. Glue the circle onto the underside of the plate.

    Stick the paper to the badge

    3. Trim a pair of ribbons, fold in half and splay the ends. Tape the thinnest ribbon onto the opposite side of the plate first and then follow with the wide ribbon.

    Attach the ribbons to the badge

    4. To wear, use a piece of double sided sticky tape. Or, ask an adult to attach a safety pin to the back so dad can attach it to his top to wear for the whole of Father’s Day.

    Father’s Day badge

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