These Father’s Day craft kits from Baker Ross will make the big day extra special

Father’s Day is just around the corner and this year, it’s going to be an extra special occasion.

Father's Day craft kits
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Get little ones excited for the big day with one of these special Father's Day craft kits from Baker Ross.

As during lockdown Dads have been on duty, keeping little ones happy with games of football in the garden, crafting with random household objects like toilet paper tubes and battling with messy chefs in the kitchen. So Father’s Day is a great time to remind Dads exactly why we appreciate them all so much.

Along with your Father’s Day card this year, you can get involved in some of these wonderful crafting kits and create an exciting and colourful homemade gift to give your Dad on the special day.

What’s not to love about a specially made bookmark, delivered with breakfast made by the kids? Something to keep the pages of their books open (whenever they next get five minutes to read) or for the football fans, how about some ceramic flower pots to feel inspired in the garden again?

These kits for Father’s Day will give you everything you need to make your Dad’s day a special one.

Love these fun craft kits for Father's Day and want to keep little hands busy over the weekend, we've also got great ideas for craft kits for kids - giving them everything they need to enjoy a rainy day inside.

Check out these fun Father’s Day craft kits

Super Dad bookmark kits

Father's day craft kits

Credit: Baker Ross

If your child sees their Dad as a superhero, conquering every play activity thrust upon him, then why not show him with this cute bookmark craft kit from Baker Ross? It comes with 5 assorted designs and instructions, so it's an easy task for little ones to get involved with.

BUY NOW: Superhero Dad bookmark kit from Baker Ross, £4.95 (for 5) 

Father's Day foam stickers craft kit

What child doesn't love stickers? Well with this craft kit you liven up your Father's Day card with exciting, colourful designs! Will it be "King for the Day" or just a simple "No.1 Dad", you can decide with over 120 different stickers to choose from in this pack.

BUY NOW: Father's Day foam stickers craft kit from Baker Ross, £2.95

Circular painting canvas

Father's Day craft kits

Credit: Baker Ross

This unique painting kit is a great choice for a Father's Day craft for little ones. The canvas is a unique shape and offers the idea of a portrait for them to paint - what a great way to show Dad how his kids see him. This kit from Baker Ross is a set of 2 canvasses, but you'll have to provide your own paints.

BUY NOW: Circular painting canvas craft kit from Baker Ross, £4.95

Trophy scratch art magnets

Credit: Baker Ross

This Father's Day scratch art craft kit is a great one to go for if your kids are very little. With supervision, all they need to do is scratch their designs (as above) into the specially layered magnets to bring the trophies to life. Liven up Dad's visit to the kitchen fridge with these magnets for Father's Day.

BUY NOW: Trophy scratch art magnets from Baker Ross, £3.95

Football ceramic flower pots

Father's Day craft kits

Credit: Baker Ross

If Dad loves to plant in the garden (or on the windowsill) and ALSO loves the footie, then you've found yourself the most perfect craft kit for Father's Day. This kit comes with one pot, and you can buy the special ceramic paints you need for it here.

BUY NOW: Football ceramic flower pots from Baker Ross, £4.95 

Wooden medals Father's Day craft kit

Father's Day craft kits

Credit: Baker Ross

Show Dad that he's a winner with one of these cute Father's Day medal designs. Paint and colour how ever you wish, then present it to Dad on the special day. This craft kit contains 8 medals (so plenty left over for the next time you want them!) and you can buy all the glitter, paints and everything else you'll need to decorate your medals from Baker Ross.

BUY NOW: Wooden medals craft kit from Baker Ross, £4.95 (for 8) 

Father's Day keyring & bag dangler kit

Father's Day craft kits

Credit: Baker Ross

With this craft kit, Dad can take his Father's Day present wherever he goes. This craft kit offers a pack of 4 assorted designs, so you can choose exactly what you want to make. Anything from a "Cool Dad" car to a football or crown, you choose with this crafting activity.

BUY NOW: Father's Day keyring & bag dangler kit from Baker Ross, £4.95

Person Keyring Kits, £3.95

Father's Day craft kits

Credit: Baker Ross

These clear key rings offer little ones full creative control over their Father's Day present. Using whatever materials you already have in your craft kit, you can design your very own keyring for Dad to carry around with him wherever he goes.

BUY NOW: Personal keyring kits from Baker Ross, £3.95 (pack of 6)

Ceramic tile coasters craft kit

Father's Day craft kits

Credit: Baker Ross

Any Dad who loves a brew is sure to love one of these creative tile coasters. This craft kit from Baker Ross comes with 6 tiles so little ones have plenty of space to let their creativity run wild.

BUY NOW: Ceramic tile coasters from Baker Ross, £4.95

All these craft kits make great fun for kids and unique presents for this Father's Day, coming up at the end of the month.

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