How to make a paper tie for Father’s Day

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  • Dad will be seriously impressed by the kids crafting skills with this fun make

    Make a fun paper tie for dad to wear on Father’s Day with this novelty craft project. Decorated in dad’s favourite colours or with a message of love, he’ll be proud to show off his kid’s creation.

    It’s super simple to follow our tie tutorial, with our step-by-step photo guide to help along the way. Plus, you don’t need many materials at all, just some coloured card and some ribbon.

    This is a great Father’s Day activity. Get dad involved with the crafting by cutting out the paper tie shapes and then the kids can have all the fun with the decorating part. Kids can personalise our design to suit their own style, adding glitter, pompoms, stamps or stickers to truly make it their own. The creative possibilities are endless!

    And if dad doesn’t wear ties, how about making bow tie shapes instead for an even smarter look? Once Father’s Day is over, dad can use his tie as a bookmark for the rest of the year.

    Kids not into crafting at all? Get them to help you making this delicious Father’s Day cake!

    You will need:

    • A4 coloured card
    • Pencil
    • Hole punch
    • Ribbon
    • Scissors
    • Felt tip pens or colouring pencils

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    How to make a paper tie:

    1. Begin by cutting out a tie shape from the coloured card. You can always use one of dad’s ties as a template to draw around with a pencil to get the right shape.

    How to make a paper tie for Father’s Day

    2. Punch two holes on either side at the top of the paper tie cutout.

    How to make a paper tie for Father’s Day

    3. Thread a piece of ribbon through the holes.

    How to make a paper tie for Father’s Day

    4. Decorate the tie however you like, let your child’s imagination go wild. You can write a loving message to dad or colour in a fun design with felt tip pens or colouring pencils.

    How to make a paper tie for Father’s Day

    5. Once complete, give the tie to dad to wear on Father’s Day.

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