How to make the three kings from toilet roll

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  • Create your very own homemade nativity, including these festive three kings from toilet rolls, some patterned paper and googly eyes.

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    To make the three kings from toilet rolls you will need:

    • White, black and orange paper
    • Skin-colour paint or pens
    • Googly eyes
    • Glue
    • Patterned paper
    • Glitter or gold card
    • Scissors

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    Add googly eyes to the three king toilet rolls

    How to make the three kings from toilet roll:

    1. Begin by painting or colouring in the top third of the toilet roll in the skin-colour paints or pens. Allow to dry completely. If you don’t have any paints or pens to hand, you can leave the toilet roll as-is for a simpler and speedier make.

    2. Cover the bottom two-thirds of the toilet roll with a piece of patterned paper. Glue in place and then allow to dry.

    3. From the orange, white and black paper cut two 5-8cm strips. Cut along the bottom of one of the long edges, making sure to leave a 2cm strip uncut at the top. Use a pair of scissors to curl the ends of the strips.

    4. Then glue one of the strips along the top of the patterned paper to make the beard and the other around the top for the hair, making sure to leave a gap for the face. Repeat for each of the toilet roll three kings.

    5. From the same papers, cut a 2x5cm rectangle. Fold the paper in half and then draw on half a moustache shape. Use a pair of scissors to cut out and unfold to reveal a full moustache. Glue on the top of the beard paper.

    6. Then add a pair of googly eyes to the top of the face.

    Give your toilet roll three kings a crown of gold or glitter paper


    7. Finally, cut a 3cm strip from the glitter or gold card and then cut a zigzag along one of the long sides. Secure around the top of the toilet roll, and repeat for each of the three kings. Line up your row of three kings made from toilet roll, ready to display at Christmas time.