Best Christmas crafts for kids: Easy festive crafting ideas for families

Christmas decorations
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Christmas crafts for kids are a great way to get into the festive spirit and encourage children to get creative. Our easy Christmas crafts are great for toddlers and younger children to do. Plus, if you scroll down, we've got some crafting ideas for older kids too, to keep them entertained.

What better way to pass some chilly winter days than getting the whole family immersed in festive decorating? Not only does it save you the hassle of spending too much on Christmas decorations, it's also a lovely way to proudly display your children's artwork around the home. What's not to love?

We have plenty of great ideas for Christmas crafts for kids for 2021, along with out guide to the best craft advent calendars, so if you need inspiration, scroll down for our full list of Christmas crafting ideas. That should keep them busy when you're stocking up on top Christmas toys for the big day!

Best Christmas crafts for kids

Hand painted Christmas art

Hand painted Christmas art

This Christmas art is a great way for little ones to get hands on - literally! Kids will love creating their own handprint wreath and it'll look lovely on display over the festive season. All you'll need is paper or canvas, paints, a pencil, a ruler and a willing pair of hands. How to make hand painted Christmas art.

toilet roll santa

Toilet Roll Santa

Put your empty toilet rolls to good use this festive season, and make an adorable Santa Claus! All you need is a cardboard loo roll, pom poms, glue, felt, a pipe cleaner, googly eyes, and anything else you might want to decorate your little Santa with. How to make a toilet roll Santa.

toilet roll crafts

Toilet roll three kings

It's not Christmas without the three kings! It's so easy to make them out of empty toilet rolls, all you'll need is white, black and orange paper, skin-colour paint or pens, googly eyes, glue, patterned paper, glitter or gold card and scissors. How to make toilet roll three kings.

Christmas crafts for kids - Rudolph handprint

Handprint Rudolph

Kids as young as 3 can get involved making this fun reindeer craft, as it's super easy and all they need to do is draw around their hand. Adult supervision is required to carefully cut out the handprint, but other than that, kids will love getting involved in making this fun and simple Christmas craft, which can be used as a Christmas tree decoration. How to make handprint Rudolph

handprint Christmas tree card

Handprint Christmas tree card

Handmade Christmas cards are a lovely way for little ones to spread some festive joy this season, and these make a lovely gift for family members! You can decorate it however you'd like, but we've gone for the classic sparkles and sequins. How to make handprint Christmas tree card

Snowman craft for kids

Snowman pencil topper

This pencil topper is a great way to add some festive fun to your child's stationary. It's very simple to make too, as all you need to do is wrap a white pipe cleaner around the top of a pencil and decorate it with a pom pom head, a ribbon scarf, glittering eyes, or whatever else takes their fancy! How to make snowman pencil topper

Christmas crafts for kids - Christmas crafts

Snowmen tin can bowling pins

This fun craft doubles up as a Christmas game, and it's a fun way to make use of used tin cans and encourage your kids to get creative. To make these cute snowman bowling pins, you'll need paint, felt, glue, scissors, white paint, and any other decorations you might want. You could even challenge little ones to make the funniest face! How to make snowmen tin can bowling pins

Christmas tree pinecones

Christmas tree pinecones

We recommend these cute pinecone trees for children age 5 and up, and once you've collected your pine cones, all you need to decorate them is green paint, some paint brushes, green glitter and air drying clay. They're a great way to decorate small spaces in the home, or they could even be a festive centrepiece for your table. How to make Christmas tree pinecones

Christmas crafts for kids wooden spoon angel

Wooden spoon angel

Angels are a popular symbol of Christmas, and your children can make their very own angel by simply repurposing a wooden spoon. To bring this angel to life, alongside the spoon you'll need 2 silver pipe cleaners, 1 gold pipe cleaner, 2 white felt A4 sheets, 1 pink felt A4 sheet, 1 white paper plate and a pink ribbon. How to make wooden spoon angel

Christmas paper chains

Christmas paper chains

With just three equipment, this paper chains craft couldn't be easier! With paper, scissors and glue, you and your little ones can get crafty and made your own festive bunting that make perfect decorations this festive season. You could even use leftover wrapping paper to make it super festive. How to make Christmas paper chains.

stamped Christmas wrap

Stamped Christmas wrapping paper

If you don't fancy buying wrapping paper this year, you could always make your own! It's so easy to do and little ones will love adding a personal touch to gifting. Children will need adult supervision with this one - at least in the setting up stage so you can use the craft knife to create the potato stamp. All you'll need is brown paper, a festive cookie cutter, potato, craft knife, paint and a paper plate. Pop on some Christmas tunes and have fun! How to make stamped Christmas wrapping paper.

Best Christmas crafts for older kids

Cardboard reindeer head

Suitable for children age 9 and up, this cardboard reindeer head is an adorable and easy craft to make this Christmas. All you need is our free craft templates, some cardboard, a craft knife, a pencil, some scissors and decorations. You could even make several if you want all of Santa's reindeer! How to make cardboard reindeer head

cardboard snowflake

Cardboard snowflake wreath

This clever craft transforms paper towels and toilet roll tubes into a pretty hanging cardboard snowflake wreath, which is a great way to use household supplies you'd otherwise throw away. All you need is some spray paint, a ribbon, and anything else you want to decorate it with. It's a great craft to make for all ages. How to make cardboard snowflake wreath

Christmas cushion

Christmas wreath cushion

Great for older children, this Christmas wreath cushion is inspired by The White Company and is a great activity to work on together this festive season. To make one, you'll need a sewing machine, cushion pad, felt, scissors and a pompom trim. It'll look lovely on your sofa over the Christmas period. How to make Christmas wreath cushion

Handmade Christmas card

Add a personal touch to your Christmas gifting with handmade Christmas cards. This is a great way to let your imagination run wild, and family are sure to appreciate all the hard work your children put in! Suitable for all ages, it's so easy to decorate your very own card. How to make a handmade Christmas card

personalised clay decorations

Personalised clay decorations

Great for older kids, these easy-to-make hanging alphabet decorations will look lovely on your tree or other festive display this year. You could spell out a Christmas themed word, or the names of your children, or just initials. Time to get creative! How to make personalised clay decorations

Christmas star decorations

Christmas star decorations

Another craft for older children, these star decorations can be sewn together to create festive bunting that you can put up around the house. You'll need a basic sewing kit, our star template, some felt, and you're ready to go! How to make Christmas star decorations

origami Christmas trees

Origami Christmas trees

One of the most popular paper crafting techniques is origami, and these little Christmas trees will look lovely in your home this festive season. You'll only need three equipment too; A4 sheet of green stiff paper or card, scissors and a ruler or paper creasing tool! How to make origami Christmas trees

toilet roll Christmas decorations

Toilet roll Christmas decorations

Stars are a popular choice for Christmas decorations, and there's a super simple way you and your little ones can make them out of toilet roll. These require scissors so they're best for older children, and they can be hung on the tree or other places in your home. How to make toilet roll Christmas decorations

Christmas patchwork decorations

Christmas patchwork decorations

Teach older children how to sew with these Christmas tree decorations. These are easily customisable as you can use scraps of any fabric, and they'll look lovely hanging on the tree this festive season. If you're short on time, there's even a quick sew tutorial. How to make Christmas patchwork decorations

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