Create your own outdoor jar candles

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  • Keep mosquitoes at bay and give your outdoor space an ambient light with these pretty citronella outdoor jar candles.

    This outdoor jar candles, with their ambient light and easy-to-make method will undoubtedly become your next crafting project. Especially as the weather is hotting up as summer approaches, it’s time to make your mealtimes al fresco. Enjoy outdoor dining whilst keeping flying insects at bay with these pretty citronella candles. Set the mood for a swanky lunch or dress-up your table for a special dinner, or incorporate these candles into a full garden makeover.

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    How to make citronella outdoor jar candles

    A simple jar and some basic items you’ll probably have lying around the house, is all you need to create these attractive and practical decorations. If you don’t like the fragrance of citronella, opt for lavender essential oils to help you relax of an evening or a citrus scent to perk you up and keep you energised all day long.

    If you’re hosting a barbecue, this is a great way to create an inexpensive table centrepiece that suits the casual vibe. Don’t have space on the table? Make sure the wire handles are completely secure and hang from a tree branch. Prepare a day ahead and fill with water an hour before your party starts.

    To make these candles you will need:

    • Unscented floating candles

    • Glass jars

    • Wire

    • Ribbon and hessian

    • Citronella essential oils

    • Lemon peel

    • Rosemary sprigs

    How to make these outdoor jar candles:

    1. Wrap some wire around the rims of the jars several times. Create hanging loops by twisting another length of wire to either side of the wired rim.

    2. Cover the wire wrappings with a length of ribbon and hessian. Tie at the back of the jars to secure.

    3. Half-fill the jars with water and a couple of drops of citronella essential oil or another oil of your choice. Add fresh lemon peel and rosemary sprigs, or any other fragrant plants and herbs you have growing in your garden, to the water and stir the ingredients together.

    4. Place a floating candle on top of the water and light to keep your outdoor area mozzie-free.

    Time to make: 30 mins

    Whether you’re looking to give your garden an overall spruce, or just add a few decorative details as the warm weather comes in, these outdoor jar candles are ideal for bringing a new lease of light into your garden.