Halloween make-up: Stitches make-up tutorial

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  • This gruesome stitches Halloween make-up tutorial can be complete in less than 60 seconds, but makes a seriously sinister addition to your Halloween look.

    The simple stitch design can be used to complete a classic costume, like a Bride of Frankenstein or zombie look, or as a standalone feature. Whether you’re hitting a Halloween party or just handing out sweets to trick-or-treaters at the door, it’s sure to be a horror-inspired hit!

    You will need…

    • A nude eyeliner pencil
    • Grey or black eyeshadow
    • Red eye or lipliner
    • A small, soft make-up brush, for blending

    How to create stitches Halloween make-up

    • Start by applying your normal face of make-up, if you wish – we’ve applied a neutral base of foundation and concealer and some winged eyeliner
    • Draw a template for the stitches using the nude eyeliner. We’ve chosen to apply ours across the side of the face, but you can replicate the technique on any other areas of the face or body, and it’ll look just as creepy!
    • Use a soft make-up brush to apply a light layer of the black or grey eyeshadow. This will emulate ‘bruising’ and make your scar appear more risen
    • Use the red eye or lip liner to define the stiches and finish the look
    • If you wish, you can apply setting spray to keep the look in place all night

    And you’re finished! Hey, we told you they were simple…

    Tip: Make your Halloween stitches make-up even more gory by adding a few drops of red lip lacquer – it’ll glisten realistically, but last much longer than fake blood.

    Have you recreated our stitches Halloween make-up tutorial? Leave us a picture of your work in the comments below!

    Products used in this video: GOSH black gel eyeliner, Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Eyeshadow Palette, Real Techniques Starter Set eye brushes