How to make a set of upcycled tile planters

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  • Learn how to make a set of upcycled tile planters with pretty patterned tiles, repurposed for this simple garden project.

    If you have some leftover tiles from a kitchen or bathroom project, this upcycled tile planters craft is the perfect idea to use them up. All you need to make these is a little glue and some imagination. They’ll transform your tiles into eye-catching planters for indoor or outdoor use. They’re also perfect to pretty up a windowsill or display on a shelf or mantelpiece.

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    How to make a set of upcycled tile planters

    The brighter the tile, the more impactful your planters will be. Opt for blue and red patterns for a mediterranean look or try a coastal-inspired stripe in similar shades.

    These tiled planters are great for smaller plants like cactuses or succulents. Or how about creating a miniature herb garden? Why not pot up thyme, rosemary and chives in each.

    If you want to plant larger greenery, you’ll need a larger sset of tiles. Consider using a traditional pot inside the tiles rather than a bottle alterntive.

    To make these planters, you will need:

    • Patterned tiles
    • All purpose glue
    • Empty 2ltr plastic drinks bottle
    • Small plants and soil
    • Scissors

    How to make a set of upcycled tile planters:

    1. Thoroughly wash the plastic bottle with warm and soapy water. Allow to dry completely.
    2. Position one tile on a flat surface right side down. Apply glue along two of the edges and stick a tile to each side at 90 degree angles. Either hold in place until the tile adheres or prop it in place on either side. Glue the remaining tile on top and allow to dry.
    3. Once all the sides are dry, glue a final tile onto the base of the planter.
    4. Cut the bottom off the plastic bottle, about 1cm shorter than the height of the tile. Position the bottle base inside the tile planter. Add a little glue on the sides and base of the bottle to secure.
    5. Fill the bottle section halfway with soil. Create a small well in the centre with your finger and fill with your small plant. Top with small stones or gravel.

    Happy making!