Tina Malone says it's 'too late' for her to conceive another child at 54

The TV star is already mum to daughters Dannielle and Flame

Actress Tina Malone is no stranger to life as an older mum, having given birth to her daughter Flame at the age of 50 in December 2013.

Tina, now 54, who is also mum to elder daughter Dannielle, 36, has said in the past that she'd love to have another child, but has now revealed to OK! that she and husband Paul have decided it's 'too late' to add to their family.

'Unfortunately I couldn't talk my husband round, so that idea's completely gone now,' she told the mag.

'I wouldn't do it now because it's too late, but my husband was just worried about health implications and taking the risks, which are increased with every year.'

"So that's where we're at. My daughter Danielle has just had a little girl Dorothy, so Flame's got to make do with her young niece. Flame is three years old and she's got a niece Dorothy of 11 months!'

'His [Paul's] reasons were much more responsible than mine, I guess. Paul is much more laid back. I can shout and scream and whatever, but at the end of the day when he says no its no.'

During an appearance on ITV's Loose Women in July 2016, Tina admitted that she and Paul had often discussed the possibility of having another baby.

'I've got to be honest, it’s a big debate… People speak about the sleepless nights - sometimes I wake up and wait for her to wake up at 2 in the morning,' she said at the time.

'The doctor told me I am fit and healthy enough to have another child. My husband says if I buy him an Aston Martin, I can have another one. I told him I'd want triplets for that!'

She added that she was aware that there is a time limit on how long she could wait to make the decision for certain, as she would need to undergo fertility treatment. 'You can freeze them [the embryos] for up to 10 years, but you're taking up room that other couples could use,' she explained.

Speaking on This Morning in April of the same year, Tina said that she had no regrets about becoming a mum at a later stage in her life.

'I have no regrets. I gave up smoking, lost 11.5 stone to have IVF. My blood pressure and cholesterol are better than ever. I used to be drinking and doing drugs. It's about being healthy.'

'When Mick Jagger, Simon Cowell and Peter Stringfellow became dads later in life, they got a pat on the back. You look at Ronnie Wood. He's rock and roll. He's still young at heart.'

She also referenced her pregnancy with her first daughter, which occurred when she was just 17. 'When I had Danielle, I was just a kid bringing up a kid,' she said. 'The only advantage to that is that you're fearless.'


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