Zara Tindall had another name in mind for her second daughter but there’s a reason why she didn’t pick it

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  • Zara Tindall welcomed her second daughter in June, and turns out that she had another name in mind for her baby girl...

    Zara and Mike Tindall announced the birth of her second child in June, and later revealed what baby name they picked for Mia’s youngest sister.

    A spokesperson for the couple said in an announcement at the time: ‘Zara and Mike Tindall have named their baby daughter Lena Elizabeth.’

    The name they chose is a diminutive from Elena, an Ancient Greek name that means light according to BabyCenter.

    However, according to The Telegraph, Lena means a ‘female pimp or a woman who entices, allures or seduces’ when taken from Latin as a noun.

    mike and zara tindall

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    It’s popular in in Scandinavia, where it’s used as a male and female forename, and it’s also quite common in Wales.

    But turns out that Zara and Mike actually had Elena in mind at first, but changed their mind for a very funny reason.

    Zara told The Telegraph: ‘I liked the name Elena. But I didn’t want her initials to be ‘E.T.’ so she’s Lena.’

    The revelation comes after Zara was announced as new ambassador for iCandy pushchairs, which is a very unusual move for members of the royal family. They usually stay away from official partnerships with brands and affiliates as they have to be impartial.

    She said at the time: ‘I always use the best equipment in competing and it definitely applies for the children and having the best for the baby.

    ‘The iCandy for Land Rover works incredibly well for us and fits into our lifestyle across all-terrains, it is light and accessible. It is a fantastic addition for our family.’

    Zara continued: ‘It is so important to me and the family to be outside my job day-in-day-out is solely being outside, so for me having the family there makes it all the more doable with my pushchair.’

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