6 real bargains you can find at discount supermarkets

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  • Sainsbury’s has opened its first Netto-branded store in the north of England in its answer to thrifty shoppers looking for bargains at discount chains such as Aldi and Lidl.

    We’ve found 6 real bargains that you can find at the discounters, from seasonal meat to a magnum of prosecco…

    Award-winning bottles


    Keep an eye on the labels in the drinks aisle, which will mark out award winning drinks with labels from the IWSC or a Q for the Quality Drink Awards. Highland Black Eight Year Old Scotch Whiskey, £12.99 for 70cl, and Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin, £10.19 for 70cl, are among the award winners at Aldi and part of its core range.

    Solo garlic

    Make a beeline for fresh produce gems like solo garlic, priced at £1.49, which is a garlic bulb made from just one clove, perfect for roasting whole. You can nestle it in with roast potatoes, or roast whole and serve with baked camembert or spread on toasted ciabatta to make homemade garlic bread with a sprinkle of chopped parsley. The only other place we’ve spotted solo garlic is at London’s Borough Market, so it’s got serious foodie credentials.

    Herb bundles

    Fresh herbs tend to be excellent value at the discounters, sold in pots or large bundles rather than in the small packets you get at other supermarkets. Don’t hold back, because what you don’t use, you can chop and freeze in an ice cube tray ready for when you need it. Herbs at Lidl are priced at 55p or two for £1.

    Serrano ham

    A Serrano ham on the bone usually costs more than £100, with an Iberico ham from London’s Brindisa selling at £300+. Now you can have the ceremony of the party piece for just £39.99 at Lidl, with the Serrano ham in it’s Deluxe range. Buy one to carve at a Christmas party with family and friends, then keep it covered to have it again later, in sandwiches, with salads or in sauces. It will last for weeks.

    Seasonal meats

    Discover seasonal meats that you might not have tried before. Venison leg steaks, £6.99 for two at Lidl, are a seasonal steal for a lean red meat that’s rich in iron and protein. Lidl has brought in sliced and smoked reindeer at just £4.99 for 100g. A foodie’s dream.


    Prosecco Superiore DOCG Valdobbiadene is a well respected brand in Italy and available year round, at £7.49 for 75cl – not too shabby! And where else could you get the ultimate party-sized drink, a magnum, with change from a £20? Aldi’s Grandi Mori prosecco magnum will hit the shelves on 23 November, at £11.99 for 1.5 litres. Our food team has tried it, and added it to their Christmas party shopping list.

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