7 things only mums who can’t bake will understand

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  • Baking is easier said than done. It takes practise, patience and perfection. Some of us have it and some of us don’t.

    Before you become a parent, it’s easy to avoid exposing your baking inadequacies but once you’re a mum it’s seems like there’s no end of cake-based activities you HAVE to be involved in. 

    From daunting oven dials to sinking cakes, if you’ve had your fair share of baking disasters, you’ve definitely felt this kind of pain.

    1. Oven? More like the blimmin’ TARDIS

    There’s just too many buttons, dials and gadgets. If only David Tennant could come to the rescue every time (actually that would be quite nice…)

    2. Putting a shop-bought cake on a plate is exactly the same as making one

    Give it a little squidge and no one will ever know it’s shop-bought… expect the dog – he knows everything!

    3. Making a perfect birthday cake is like a fairytale (it’s never going to happen!)

    You’ve attempted to make your child’s birthday cake time and time again and it’s been an epic failure. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

    4. Chocolate will hide everything

    Burnt your cake? Cover it in chocolate. Sunk in the middle? Cover it in chocolate. Everything is better with a generous helping of chocolate.

    5. Who needs a timer when you’ve got a smoke alarm?

    …the oven timer never worked properly anyway. 

    6. Packet mix is a lifesaver

    All you have to do is add water and eggs and you’ve got yourself a cake, muffin or batch of cupcakes – why would you make it from scratch when it can be so simple?

    7. You’ve got no time for those who love to bake

    Every time the mums at the school gate get out their iPhones and start sharing their latest bakes it’s time for you to leave.

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