9 things you should never say to a vegetarian at Christmas

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  • It’s said it’s a nightmare to be vegetarian at Christmas, but that’s because of what you have to put up with people saying to you!

    We’ve put together a helpful guide of what not to say to a vegetarian at the Christmas dinner table. You’ve been warned.

    1. I forgot you were vegetarian!

    That look of sheer panic, the what-can-I-get-away-with eyes. If your host has forgotten you don’t eat meat, it’s going to be a long dinner…

    2. Do you mind if people eat meat in front of you?

    Well, as the turkey has been in the oven for hours now, it seems inevitable, so why ask?

    3. You don’t know what you’re missing!

    Actually, I’m perfectly happy without the dry turkey and cheap stuffing balls, thanks.

    4. Aren’t these roast potatoes so much better cooked in goose fat?

    Guaranteed to stop your fork in its tracks, this oversight means no lovely roasties for you. Curses, whoever came up with this idea?

    5. Why are you a vegetarian?


    Up there with talking about politics and religion, this doesn’t make good dinner table chat. Plus, we’ve told you a million times before!

    6. I know a friend of a friend who was a vegetarian all his life, but then one morning, he smelt bacon and cracked…

    Ah, this well worn tale, as though it will all suddenly get to you and you’ll head face first for the pigs in blankets.

    7. Aren’t you going to have some pigs in blankets?

    Er, no.

    8. I’ve made salmon en croute for you instead.

    How thoughtful! Unfortunately, I’m VEGETARIAN!

    9. Have some extra sprouts.

    Go on, then. Oh wait, they’re covered in bacon bits…

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